Did you see the New York Times?

Did you see the New York Times?

We’re taking President Trump to court. A lot. And it’s getting noticed. 


This weekend, the New York Times editorial board published an editorial about our work holding off the White House’s attacks: 


New York Times Editorial Board: 

[Trump] is being hammered on a regular basis by California’s energetic attorney general, Xavier Becerra. As of late last month, Mr. Becerra had filed or joined 60 lawsuits against the Trump administration…”


Help us stop President Trump’s agenda. Chip in $5 today.


The New York Times is right — Xavier is hammering President Trump. Not because he wants to pick a fight, but because we must defend our people and state. 


We can’t afford to wait until the next election to make a difference. We’re defending the entire Affordable Care Act, blocking attacks on immigrant families, protecting our environment, and so much more.


And with the actions from the White House seeming more and more extreme, we must keep fighting. And we need you with us, jim. Xavier can’t stop President Trump alone — can you stand with him today?


Stop President Trump’s agenda. Contribute $5 now.


No matter the headlines, we’ll keep fighting for what’s right.


Team Becerra 


CineCulture: No Film Friday, Oct. 11: Gandhi’s Awakening Thursday, October 10,1:00 p.m. Peter’s Business Room 191, and Classical Indian Music Concert October 11, 7:30 p.m. Wahlberg Recital Hall, Music 183

No Film Friday, Oct. 11: You’re invited to attend a Film Screening of Gandhi’s Awakening Thursday, October 1o, 1:00 p.m. Peter’s Business Room 191, and a Classical Indian Music Concert October 11, 7:30 p.m. Wahlberg Recital Hall, Music 183



In Collaboration with Gandhi’s Global Legacy International Conference (October 10-11)


 For Additional Conference Events and Information: http://www.fresnostate.edu/artshum/philosophy/news-events/gandhi150-conference.html


 October 10: Gandhi’s Awakening (1:00 p.m. PB 191)



Discussant: Cynthia Lukas (Director)

Moderated by Dr. Mary Husain



GANDHI’S AWAKENING explores the fascinating story of Mohandas Gandhi’s early transformational years in South Africa, which, before now, was known only to scholars. It is when the young, naive lawyer experienced firsthand harsh prejudice and hatred, including being thrown off a train and beaten with a lead pipe. He served the British as an ambulance stretcher carrier in the “Zulu Rebellion” of 1906 and came face-to-face


with the brutality of war—undergoing a spiritual epiphany that set the course for his entire life. The documentary offers a deep, discerning look into Gandhi’s spiritual ideals as he practiced and taught them in his first revolutionary ashrams, and reveals how, when and where he became the person honored by the title of Mahatma or Great Soul. The film shows him in his twenties and thirties as he developed step-by-step unprecedented nonviolent methods of fighting for justice. A high point during Gandhi’s movement in South Africa was in 1913 when his wife, Kasturba, and other women inspired by his example, led the first protest march of Indian women against cruel immigration laws that would make Indian marriages invalid. While they suffered arrest and difficult prison sentences, they inspired both Indian women and men in South Africa and India by their bravery. They had a far-reaching impact on future nonviolent campaigns. With flashbacks and flashforwards, GANDHI’S AWAKENING was filmed on location in India, South Africa and UK at all of the important sites in his dramatic life.




 Sponsor: CineCulture



October 11: Indian Classical Music Concert: Melodies of Peace (7:30 p.m. Wahlberg Recital Hall, Music 183)



Musicians: Dr. Lovely Sharma (Sitar,Guest artist), Pandit (Pt.) Debasis Chakroborty (Classical Slide Guitar) & Pt. Gourisankar (Tabla)




Download flier (PDF)








All films screened on campus and the Indian Concert are free and open to the public. Parking is not enforced after 4 p.m. on Fridays.


CineCulture is a film series provided as a service to Fresno State campus students, faculty, and staff, and community. CineCulture is also offered as a 3 unit academic course (MCJ 179) in the Media, Communications and Journalism Department. CineCulture fulfills General Education Integration Area Multicultural International (MI). For students entering Fresno State Fall 2018, the course satisfies a university graduation requirement.




CineCulture Club promotes cultural awareness through film and post-screening discussions.


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October 23 event

October 23 event

Dear Friends,


I would be honored if you could join me, I.B.E.W Local 100, the Fresno Police Officers Association, and others on October 23 from 5 to 7 p.m. for a campaign fundraising event at Oggi’s restaurant on Van Ness in the Tower District.  A flyer with complete information is attached.


Hope to see you there!


Carol Mills

Trustee, Area 5

Fresno Unified School Board


P.S. Please excuse any duplicate invitations or emails.


What I’ve Been Working On For You

What I’ve Been Working On For You

News from Representative Costa

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Dear Friend,

It’s been a busy couple weeks in Washington as I worked with my colleagues in the House on legislation from funding the government to enhancing immigration practices. Here are some highlights from the last two weeks:

Addressing the climate crisis


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Our district has witnessed the devastating effects of climate change for far too long, including droughts and dangerous wildfires. Last week I took the opportunity to speak on the House floor about the importance of finding ways to fight this crisis. I refuse to sit back and do nothing. For years I have worked for meaningful solutions to address this issue and that will continue. Time is running out!