October 24th, 2016 | Opinion

No on Measure X, by Carol Mills

[Note: the FCDCC has not taken a position on ballot Measure X]
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2016 9:42 AM
From: Mills, Carol <carolmillsfusd@comcast.net>
Subject: NO on Measure X

Dear Friends,

If you have received this email before, please excuse the duplication. This is an important issue.

I am OPPOSED to Measure X, a position that I do not take lightly, as I have always in the past supported school bonds.

I do believe that 2018 would be a better time to seek a school bond, when the FBI investigation and lease-leaseback litigation will hopefully be resolved. In addition, this bond has been rushed through, with only a two week window for community input that was shortly after school started, and very little outreach to the community to solicit input. Then, when FUSD did receive some input from the Fresno High region and others, it was ignored. I think if FUSD were to do a larger, well planned bond with lots of community input, it could pass in 2018.

As to Fresno High, the district has decided to take out basketball courts, some tennis courts, and some of our precious little field/open space to put in a small second gym, which parents, staff and I have stated we don’t have room for at this time. We do have a list of other facility needs we would like addressed, but FUSD is not responsive. The FH staff have told FUSD this proposal adversely impacts P.E. and athletics, but district staff persist in moving forward on this idea. It confounds me.

Others in the Fresno High region remember vividly the promise made by FUSD in 2010 that the long-term site master plan for Fresno High provide for removal of north and south academic halls and replacing them with multi-story buildings with a smaller footprint that will open up the space needed for a second gym and provide more open space. The district has unilaterally decided to go back on this promise and intends to leave these buildings that were deemed “educationally unsuitable” by an outside firm in 2010. FH lacks open space and is at about 50% of the state recommended ratio; we need multi-story buildings for open space requirements. We also deserve to have educationally suitable buildings, as were provided to Hoover and Bullard when outdated permanent buildings were placed with modern educational facilities.

It also is troubling that FUSD has been paying staff salaries from bond money – over $4 million of Measure Q went to salaries to date. This isn’t disclosed in the reports to the bond oversight committee; FUSD includes it in “projects costs.” This means salaries are being financed over 30 years and FUSD plans to continue this in X. So the real cost is doubled, at least.

I do know from the size of the bond, most schools will receive nothing and this will likely upset people. The project list released by the district on October 14 shows a lot of deferred maintenance items; indicates the schools “may” receive money for projects from X; and makes some projects contingent on a state bond passing (polls show it is failing). Plus, when I asked for the estimated cost of a second gym, the response from staff was that FUSD “didn’t know” and it “would depend.” If FUSD hasn’t done a cost projection for projects, how can we know what can be done? Will staff even follow the list, because the specific list wasn’t Board approved and isn’t binding?

Will they use local contractors? There is no commitment to do so. Both the Chamber and Building Trades refused to support X, despite being asked to do so, and have remained neutral.

Will X be subject to legal attack if it passes? Charter schools are legally entitled to be provided with “reasonably equivalent” facilities by the district in which they operate. Charters asked to be included in the bond and were denied by district administration, creating legal issues around allocation and spending of bond money. The Charter School Association is opposing the bond, as is the Lincoln Club.

I am asking voters to vote No on X and allow FUSD to do it right in 2018, with community input and transparency.


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October 20th, 2016 | Events, News

Impact of Prop 55 News Conference


Contact: Cynthia Menzel                                              MEDIA ADVISORY
Tel. 650-380-8553 cell                                                        October 20, 2016
Impact of Prop 55 on Students, Schools Highlighted at
10 a.m. News Conference Saturday

Local teachers, community members take to the streets to
get-out-the-vote and educate on Propositions 55 & 58

The impact two propositions will have on Fresno County students will be shared at a Saturday morning news conference.  Proposition 55 would continue the current tax rate on the wealthiest Californians to prevent devastating cuts to public schools and colleges. Educators will show the impact statewide and locally of Prop. 55, noting that Fresno Unified School District alone will lose $75 million to $94 million a year unless Prop. 55 passes. Educators do not want to go back to the days of increased class sizes, cuts to art and music programs, and layoffs.  Proposition 58 would ensure students can learn English as quickly as possible and expands opportunities for English speakers to master a second language.

WHAT:           State and local educators will share the importance of voting in the November election and explain the impacts of Propositions 55 & 58 on students and schools

WHEN:           Saturday, October 22 – 10am

WHERE:         Fresno – California Teachers Association (CTA) office

                        5330 North Fresno Street Fresno CA 93710


SPEAKERS:   Theresa Montaño, Vice President, California Teachers Association

Tish Rice, President, Fresno Teachers Association

Eva Ruiz, Local Dual Immersion Spanish Teacher


NOTES:          Spanish-speaking teachers will be available during and after the news conference.
Visuals: There will be opportunity for footage of local teachers and community members phone-banking, walking precincts, and writing postcards. Additional photos and videos will be available throughout the weekend.
Social Media: The hashtags for weekend events are #CTAGOTV and #YesOn55. Events will be posted at facebook.com/groups/ctagotv


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McClintock Still Standing By His Guy!

Dear Neighbor and Friend,

Another day has gone by and Tom McClintock is still “Standing by” his guy – Donald Trump.  McClintock does not seem bothered by Trump’s disrespect of women. Or his total disrespect of Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, Wounded Warriors, the disabled. . .the list goes on and on.

You bet that Tom McClintock and I are different. Really different.  I believe character and leadership go hand in hand.

Please donate and help me keep our TV ads going so that we

can win this election and unseat Tom McClintock .

See our latest ad here:




If you missed my recent Debate with your

current Representative you can see it here:


Join Our Campaign


Your financial help is truly appreciated.

You are the engine of our Grassroots campaign.

Can you donate $10, $25  or more today


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October 18, 2016

Standing Tall for Democracy

FRESNO—Of all the lies and deceptions Donald Trump has pushed since he entered the political arena by claiming President Barack Obama was secretly not born in America, none is more dangerous and potentially damaging to our country than Trump’s latest claims of a “rigged election.” With the true Republican Party turning on Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan condemning him and down-ticket conservatives rushing to distance themselves from him, Trump is in a panic.

Unable to admit that his problems are the result of his own actions, Trump is telling his supporters that if he does not win the election, that means “the system” was somehow rigged by Hillary Clinton. The lie is easy to see through for those who have researched the issue, but it is easy to imagine that hardworking Americans who do not have time to do more than listen to the news for a few minutes each day might hear this Presidential candidate speak and begin to have doubts. That is the danger.

“In a shortsighted attempt to create a scenario to rationalize his own electoral failure,” says Michael D. Evans, chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party, “Trump is playing a dangerous game with American democracy. We must instead pursue avenues of collaboration to move our country forward.”

From his first speech as a candidate, where Trump graciously allowed that “some” Mexican immigrants who cross the border might not be drug dealers or rapists, his campaign has focused on fear. Now, instead of Mexicans or Muslims or China or scientists talking about global warming, he is trying to make people afraid of America itself.

At first glance, a candidate poised to lose calling his opponent a cheater might not seem so bad. But democracy works only if the people have confidence that it works. Despite the absence of proof of any election tampering, Trump continues to call on his supporters to make armed patrols in “certain neighborhoods,” and it is not hard to see how that could end in tragedy.

This election is headed toward a record turnout. Clinton and the Democratic Party are pushing to capitalize on a public frustrated with a Republican Congress that shuts down the government and votes again and again on Obamacare instead of doing its job and a Republican nominee who brags about his sexual assaults. This November, we have the chance to elect a government that will actually address the serious issues facing our society.

Voters are the soul of America, and every election we get to have our say. We must not let Trump, or anyone else, turn this country into something ugly and undemocratic.

The Fresno County Democratic Party is united behind Hillary Clinton for President. The official Coordinated Campaign headquarters is at 1035 U Street in downtown Fresno. To volunteer or for more information, contact 559-495-0606 or fresnocountydemocrats@yahoo.com.


Media Inquiries:
Michael D. Evans

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Emilio Huerta event changed to Tuesday October 25th

The date has changed for an evening with Emilio Huerta, candidate for Congressional District 21. See the attachment for further details.

We have an excellent opportunity to turn CD21 from red to blue, and you can help.

Let’s show Central Valley support for Emilio Huerta on the revised date, Oct. 25, at 5 p.m. at Mezcal Bar and Grill (1310 Van Ness Ave.).

Your contribution will make a difference in helping us take back Congress.

I hope to see you there!

Thank you.

Michael D. Evans
Chair, Fresno County Democratic Party



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