Your Input is Needed! City of Fresno Community Meetings

Your Input is Needed! City of Fresno Community Meetings

The City of Fresno is currently developing its 5-Year Consolidated Plan to assess the City’s housing and community development needs for 2020-2024. The Plan will guide how Fresno spends an annual $11 million in federal funding to address community needs. A second study, the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice, is also being conducted to examine barriers to equal housing and access to jobs, schools and transportation across the City. Please plan to attend one of the community meetings for a discussion of these important issues.  Meeting dates, times, and locations may be found on the attached flyers, which are provided in Spanish and Hmong as well as English.  Please share with others.  See you at the meeting!


Fresno Barrios Unidos Annual Fundraiser Oct. 25

Fresno Barrios Unidos Annual Fundraiser Oct. 25

For 25 years, Fresno Barrios Unidos has served youth, young adults, and their families in South Fresno and beyond with programs and services centered on love, healing, wellness, and empowerment. Over the years, with your support, we have been able to transform lives in our community. Now, more than ever, it is time to invest in the future of Fresno Barrios Unidos so that we can continue to drive forward the vision we all have for Fresno and the Valley.We will achieve this with your support, by purchasing our building so we can have a forever home! Our youth, young adults, and their families are beyond deserving of this investment. We plan to bring a full service medical clinic to our home, a healing garden to reconnect our youth to the power of mother earth, and a community room for art, dance, and meditation.


Please help make this vision happen by joining us at our Annual Fundraiser: Noche En El Barrio on Friday, October 25th from 6-10PM at Elite Events Venue (4105 W. Figarden Drive, Fresno, CA). You can purchase tickets here. Can’t make it but want to donate to the Fresno Barrios Unidos Building Campaign? Click here.


In Community, 


Gilbert Felix

Board President

Fresno Barrios Unidos

(559) 269-6383




Sacramento Bee: Becerra is “a chief antagonist of Donald Trump”

Sacramento Bee: Becerra is “a chief antagonist of Donald Trump”

There is a lot of focus on the future — from the 2020 election to possible impeachment. But today, President Trump’s policies threaten nearly everything we hold dear. 


Xavier isn’t backing down. His 60+ lawsuits against the President are holding the line of defense. In fact, the Sacramento Bee recently referred to Xavier as “a chief antagonist of Donald Trump.”



Xavier is taking on the important fights — like protecting our environment from President Trump’s pro-pollution agenda and defending the Affordable Care Act from Republican attempts to destroy it completely.


We’re nearly three years into the Trump presidency, and it’s clear that nothing is off the table in this White House. From attacking immigrants to your healthcare, the safety and well-being of our communities are at risk. And that’s why we’re fighting — and winning — in court.


We’re ready to turn up the heat even more if we have to. jim, will you stand with Xavier today? 



Xavier isn’t looking to antagonize the President — he’s just fighting for what’s right. And together, this fight continues. 


Team Becerra



Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

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