Ending with Gratitude

Ending with Gratitude

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Our Campaign for Mayor Is Coming to a Close


Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown since I announced my candidacy for Mayor of Fresno. So many fellow Fresnans have agreed that our city is at an important moment in its history. We face the risk of falling backwards, just as unique opportunities to create a more prosperous, safe, healthy community for everyone lie before us.

I entered the campaign knowing that winning would be one challenge, and juggling multiple obligations during the campaign would be another. To maintain integrity with those making substantial commitments to our campaign, I have always known that I must be able to put forth the effort needed to win.

As the campaign has come to life, I have realized that I need to be directing my available time and energy into the health of my family rather than into the campaign. I’ve been in to win, and winning would require more time than I am able to commit going forward. Therefore, I am discontinuing our campaign at this time.

With gratitude and respect, much of the contributions received will be returned to donors on an equitable basis. In coming days and weeks, we will be finalizing the books and following up with donors individually. We appreciate your patience during this process.