16 May

The next step in our fight

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in these races.


Yesterday, when I asked you to donate to groups fighting for abortion access in Alabama, my team and I knew we could count on you to step up in a big way. But we had no way to predict how overwhelming your support would be.
Together, we raised more than $160,000 for local and national groups protecting access to women’s health care, including abortion. That is nothing short of incredible. 
Now, these organizations can put the funds we raised to good use helping women access the care they need. Your generosity will have a direct impact on real women’s lives.
It’s a testament to you and your commitment to this fight for our values in the face of great adversity. It’s a testament to our collective power — to what’s possible when we work together. 
Today, I’m asking you to take another step in this fight by making your very first contribution to our campaign for president. Our country needs a leader in the White House who isn’t afraid to take on tough fights — including the fight to defend women’s health care.
You can pitch in to our campaign here:

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