What if I told you…

Democratic Association of Secretaries of State


Take it from me, as California’s Secretary of State––a state under constant attack from Donald Trump––voter suppression is the GOP’s #1 scheme to win an election.

The Hill recently reported that “Ending voter suppression is the whole game in 2020,” and they’re exactly right.

But what if I told you that Democrats can secure an advantage in 2020 by focusing on elections happening THIS YEAR?

Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi will elect new Secretaries of State in 2019. If Democrats win these crucial races this year, we can protect voters heading into the general election next year.

Trump and the GOP are counting on massive voter suppression to win in 2020. Democratic Secretaries of State are our best defense against voter suppression.

We need you in this fight. We must reach this week’s fundraising goal if we’re going to be able to help Democrats win Secretary of State races and end voter suppression, but right now we’re coming up short by 300 donations.