I’m asking you to become a founding donor. Elections are won by a lot of little things that add up to something big.

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

I won my first election by just a few dozen votes.
It’s the kind of thing that makes you appreciate the little things that add up to something big. When I think about that outcome, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to every single person who showed up to help — without those folks, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
I’m writing to you now because our first FEC fundraising deadline is this week. Afterward, we’ll have to file a report that will show the world the campaign we’re building together.
In many ways, this is the end of the launch phase of this campaign. The people who chip in before our big deadline will always be the founders of this endeavor — and I can guarantee you I’ll never forget it.
As I travel the country and talk to voters, people like to point out that I’m not like your typical candidate for president — and ours is nothing close to a typical campaign. We’ve rejected the special interests who try to influence politicians by bankrolling their campaigns — refusing to take even a dime from corporate PACs or D.C. lobbyists.
And even though being cynical about our political process seems to be popular these days, our message for voters isn’t caught up in gloom and doom — we recognize the crisis we’re in right now, but we’re focused on the big, bold things we can get done together to get us out of it.