Can we include your name on our list of supporters?

Can we include your name on our list of supporters?



Once the DNC reviews our donor numbers, it’ll be official: I will be a qualified candidate for the first Democratic debate.

I’d love to include you on the list of supporters who chipped in before this critical moment — you will always be a founder of this grassroots campaign.

Will you make a donation today, even if it’s just $1, to be officially counted among our team’s supporters? Every donation today automatically enters you for a chance to win two tickets to the first debate in Miami. We’ll fly you and a guest in and put you up in a hotel.

This debate represents our first opportunity to compete on a level playing field with the frontrunners in this race who’ve already banked tens of millions for their campaigns. We’ll all get our chance to lay out our vision for the country, and for this election. That’s why the team and I have already started to work on debate prep — thinking through my closing statement, deciding which of my policy proposals to highlight, making sure I don’t sweat too much under all of those bright lights… it’s a long list.