Did you see what Politico said about Cory?

Did you see what Politico said about Cory?


Politico: “…Booker stand[s] out on chaotic Iowa stage”

Cory’s message is resonating with early state voters and we can’t afford to slow down now. Chip in $1 so Cory can reach every voter by making it to the DNC debate stage >>

Team — did you see what Politico wrote last night?
“In the early state where field organization has traditionally mattered the most, Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have quietly and patiently concentrated their resources toward building grassroots machines designed to power them on caucus night.”
That’s right. Our grassroots movement has invested in organizing all around the country — and we can’t afford to slow down now.
We’ve seen a steady surge of support building around Cory and his fight for common sense gun reform, protecting reproductive rights, and combating the housing crisis too many Americans face.
But, campaigns are expensive and with the DNC raising the individual donor total to 130,000, this will be a fight till the end. Can we count on your help?
Remember, you don’t have to be all in for Cory and only him. Your donation today will help secure a spot for Cory on the national stage this fall so his vision for a better America can be heard.

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