Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

I was at dinner with Ilhan last night when the news came…

Last night, I was at dinner with Ilhan Omar, her daughter, and some other members of Congress when we heard the news that thousands of people at a Donald Trump rally were chanting “send her back.”

To my surprise, Ilhan was pretty unfazed. Sadly, as she told me, she has been dealing with this kind of hatred and racism for a long time.

And she knows, as we do, that Trump is a demagogue doing what he does best: dividing and conquering through hate.

No. Trump won’t talk about trying to throw 32 million Americans off their health care. He won’t talk about his massive tax breaks for billionaires. He won’t talk about his budget which called for huge cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. And he certainly won’t talk about how climate change is destroying the planet.

But he will try to divide the country up based on the color of our skin, our religion, where we were born or our sexual orientation.

Brothers and sisters: Now is the time, more than at any other moment in our lifetimes, to say NO to racism, NO to divisiveness, NO to the hatred that Trump is trying to foment.

Ilhan Omar is a leader with strength and courage. She won’t back down to Trump’s racism and hate, and neither will we. So today, I want to ask you to do something important that will help ensure her voice is with us in Congress for a long time to come:

Can you split a contribution between Ilhan Omar’s re-election campaign and our campaign for president? Send a message that we will fight back against Trump’s racism.