We just sued the President — again

We just sued the President — again

There is a crisis unfolding. Floods are increasing, wildfires are more severe, and glaciers are melting. 


Is the President taking action? No. He’s making our climate emergency worse. Today, we sued him. 



Hours ago, along with 21 other states, we announced a new lawsuit to stop President Trump from rolling back the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. 


President Trump’s flimsy rollback enables coal-burning power plants to further pollute our air. It’s estimated to cause thousands of deaths every year. 


This is our 27th environmental lawsuit against the President because we know the time to act is now. jim, before the climate crisis gets worse, join me in standing up to the President today: 



The President’s attempt to deny science, truth and clean energy isn’t just foolish. It’s unlawful. 




Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

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We just sued the President — again

NEWS: President Trump’s new rule attacking immigrants

Today, the Trump administration introduced a new vile rule to penalize immigrants seeking citizenship if they use a number of programs –– including food stamps, public housing, and Medicaid. 


Before the new rule goes into effect, we have to fight back: 



NBC News: Trump administration to make it harder for low-income immigrants to stay


As the son of immigrants, attacks like these are personal. This new 800+ page rule weaponizes healthcare, housing, and nutrition programs. And it forces immigrants living here legally to choose between seeking help or obtaining citizenship.


It’s heartbreaking that programs providing food, healthcare, and housing to immigrant children aren’t safe from this White House. Join me in standing up against the President’s latest vile anti-immigrant action: 



While the President tries to make life harder for immigrants, we are proudly standing up for them. 



Weekly CD-21 Newsletter

Weekly CD-21 Newsletter

The Week of August 5, 2019

The Weekly CD-21 Newsletter

Welcome! This newsletter is designed to keep you updated on what’s happening in the 21st Congressional District. It will catch you up to speed on TJ’s work and the various ways you can volunteer and get involved in local organizations. 



Last Saturday, August 3rd, TJ held a stunning Open House in Selma and met with more than 100 of his constituents. He let everyone know about the various services his congressional office provides, gave a legislative update, and recognized all of the hard work done by his staff and interns. Rep. Cox noted that his first 200 days in office have been extremely productive for the people of the Central Valley. Enjoy some photos from the event below!


These last 60 days

These last 60 days

An update on our work these last two months:                                                                                                                                                                         


CDP logo

This past Sunday marked the end of my first 60 days serving as your California Democratic Party Chair. I wanted to use this milestone to reach out to you and share an update on our work these last two months:


Since I took office, my singular focus has been on strengthening the Party and ensuring that we are in a stable and strong position to build towards Democratic victories in 2020. To that end, one of my top priorities as Chair has been, and continues to be, creating a Party that reflects the full diversity of our state’s nine million Democrats.


Consequently, I have worked with dozens of Delegates over the past two months to update the leadership and membership of our standing committees, to empower a new generation of leaders while leveraging the experience of veteran activists. I’m proud to announce that the Party’s new standing committee membership is 56% women and transgender and non-binary, 20% LGBTQ, 60% people of color, 24% under 36-years-old, 16% individuals with a disability, and 71% elected delegates. You can view the standing committee appointments here.


What I’ve Been Working On For You

What I’ve Been Working On For You

News from Representative Costa

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Dear Friend,

It’s been a trying time for our country as we’ve once again been confronted with gun violence and mass shootings, this time claiming the lives of 31 people in the communities of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. These tragedies highlight how critical it is for us to fight to improve the lives of Americans everyday, including passing legislation to help keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. 

The House is adjourned for the August district work period and I will use this time to meet with community leaders and constituents from across the district to hear about their priorities and discuss the important work I’m doing in Washington on their behalf.

Fighting to Keep Americans Safe

On Wednesday, I joined more than 200 of my colleagues and sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell asking he immediately call back the Senate to vote on two gun bills we passed in the House back in February; H.R. 8, The Bipartisan Background Checks Act and H.R. 1112, The Enhanced Background Checks Act. These bills have been sitting on Senator McConnell’s desk for too long. Too many lives are being lost for us to sit on this important legislation, we need to act now! You can read my official statement on the shootings in Texas and Ohio, below: