20 Jun

CADEM Chair pens open letter to Texas Gov. Perry

An open letter for Texas Governor Rick Perry, from CADEM Chair John Burton:

June 19, 2014

Governor Rick Perry
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428


The Associated Press has reported that for all of your incessant California-bashing, you may be considering a move to the Golden State after your term as Governor of Texas ends.

We don’t blame you.

California has a lot to offer. From some of the best coastline in the world, national parks like Yosemite and Joshua Tree, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, from San Diego to the crown jewel of San Francisco, this is simply the place to be.

That said, you really ought to know what you’re signing up for here. It may not be your scene.

Here in California we don’t stick our heads in the sand or twiddle our thumbs when it comes to Global Warming. We know it’s real, and our Governor Jerry Brown is leading the way to combat the threat we all face. California signed the Climate Change Pact together with the Governors of Oregon, Washington State and British Columbia. We’re building the nation’s first high speed rail system and we passed the Global Warming Solutions Act close to ten years ago.

Then there’s the matter of you equating homosexuality with alcoholism. Rick, it will take more than marching in this month’s San Francisco Pride Parade for you to begin to walk those comments back, but if you’re planning to make the move, it couldn’t hurt to start there.

This is California, the home of Harvey Milk. We’re a national leader in the fight for equal rights and marriage equality. Our Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom threw the gauntlet down way back in 2004 when, as mayor of San Francisco, he decided enough was enough and fought to give gay and lesbian couples the right to get married (and divorced for that matter) just like everyone else.

You should also know our minimum wage is set to go up to $10 an hour here thanks to our Democratic legislators and Governor Jerry Brown.

We understand even our state’s harshest critics would love to call California home, and apparently you’re no different. We’re just saying it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research before you load up the U-Haul and head west.

Peace and friendship,

John Burton
California Democratic Party

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13 Jun

Dave Herb’s City Government Report- June 2014

The Fresno County Democratic Party welcomes Dave Herb to our website. Dave has volunteered to serve as the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee’s liaison to the Fresno City Council, and he has graciously agreed to make his thoughts about the meetings by the Council and other local governmental bodies available to Democrats in Fresno County through our website. 

The following is Dave’s first report:

Bus Rapid Transit – After lengthy debate the Fresno City Council has agreed to move forward on a watered down version of a high speed enhancement to the City’s FAX System proposed by councilperson Olivier. The new service will add improved service along Blackstone, Kings Canyon and Shaw Avenues. Council President Brandau remains the one opponent to the project because “there is not adequate demand.”

Community Centers Evangelizing – The three community centers run by faith based groups have raised concerns about religious activities during regular operating hours. City staff has been contacted. Sites have been inspected. Operators have been counseled and contracts are being clarified. Any future problems should be reported to the liaison. Note: These restrictions do not apply to after-hours activities at the facilities conducted by private parties.

Invocation Issues — The Supreme Court has recently banned religiously based invocations to open governmental meetings. The question has been asked if local agencies are aware if the issues. The city attorney’s office has been alerted to this issue and staff is studying the court’s ruling. No changes in the tradition have been made yet.

Public Hearing Process — Both city staff and political leaders have lost sight of the need to adhere to the timing of noticed public hearings. Items scheduled for a time certain should not be differed for hours. Your liaison had a brief meeting with the council president to express concern on this issue and received a promise to improve the council’s procedures.

Measure Z Reauthorization — The Board of Supervisors recently failed to take action to place a new Measure Z item on the November ballot. Supervisors Perea and Larson supported the measure but the other three board members were confused by out of town opponents of the zoo expansion. Committee members were encouraged to contact the board and ask them to place the measure on the ballot for November do that voters can decide the issue.

Dave Herb

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27 May

Wells campaign announces GOTV sessions

From the Mike Wells for Fresno City Council campaign:

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25 May

News Release: Clint Olivier Attempts to Deceive Voters

A news release from the Fresno County Democratic Party:


May 23, 2014

Clint Olivier Attempts to Deceive Voters

FRESNO—The Fresno County Democratic Party was appalled to learn that Fresno City Council District 7 candidate Clint Olivier paid to put his name on a fake Democratic voter guide to mislead voters into thinking he is a Democrat. Olivier is a registered Republican. He claims he has been so since initially registering to vote in Orange County.

“Democrats support our neighborhoods,” said Michael D. Evans, chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party. “Olivier’s voting history does not reflect Democratic values. He is a Republican for a reason—he advocates their radical agenda.”

The fake voter guide, which features a Democratic logo and Democratic candidates such as Jerry Brown and Betty Yee, is a classic, oft-used Republican tactic to confuse voters prior to elections.

“Voters won’t be fooled again by Olivier’s deceitful tactics,” says Mike Wells, one of Olivier’s opponents. “His voting record speaks for itself.”

“Olivier doesn’t have a good record to run on,” notes Doug Kessler, California Democratic Party Region 8 director, “therefore he feels it necessary to deceive the public in this Democratic-majority district.”

Olivier is “a Republican, and this ad insults both parties,” says Art Gonzales, who is also challenging Olivier in the June 3 election. “Olivier did not disavow himself from this mail fraud!”

“Follow the money,” Wells adds, “Republican politicians and corporations are financing his campaign…District 7 needs true democratic representation on City Council.”

For more information, contact the Democratic Party at 559-495-0606.

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21 May

Fundraiser for Mike Wells campaign May 27

From the Mike Wells for Fresno City Council campaign:


Fundraising Event
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
5:30 – 8:30 PM

The Pizza Pit
2701 N. Blackstone Avenue
Fresno, CA

Enjoy Fresno’s best PIZZA & Refreshments

Sponsorship Levels
Gold – $4,000
Silver – $2,000
Bronze – $1,000

VIP Tickets – $100

All levels of contribution are welcome

RSVP to Vanessa at Mike@MikeForFresno or 559.304-6252

Please make checks payable to:

Mike Wells for Fresno City Council 2014
FPPC ID 1362940
1305 E. Princeton Avenue
Fresno, CA 93704
Or, go online to:

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