17 Oct

CADEM offers a wrap-up of the shutdown

From our friends at the California Democratic Party:

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10 Oct

Amanda Renteria formally announces candidacy for Congress


A note from the Amanda Renteria for Congress campaign:

On Sept. 29, I officially announced my candidacy for U.S. Congress at the Sanger Park and began the journey to become your voice for the Central Valley. We had a great turnout, and I wanted to thank all of you who attended!

The Central Valley is my home, it’s my family, it’s my heart and my soul. Over the course of our campaign, I will put all my heart and all my soul into serving our community. However, as you well know, we have a lot of work to do in the coming months to ensure that we are successful next November.

If you are interested in becoming part of the campaign, please visit and sign up to volunteer, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. You can also reach our campaign at (559) 212-4682.

With your continued support, I promise that we will be successful, and I will be a strong voice in Congress who shares our values and who will work cooperatively to solve our problems, address our challenges, and get things done.

Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you over the course of the campaign!


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10 Oct

John Hernandez enters Congressional race with events in Sanger and Bakersfield

An announcement directly from our friends at the John Hernandez for Congress campaign:




The Hernandez for Congress exploratory committees of the counties of Fresno, Kern and Kings are proud to announce that after a summer of activity they are ready to enter the race for the 21st Congressional district.

“On Saturday October 12, 2013 at 11am at the Sanger park and in Bakersfield at 4pm, at 931 Niles, I will officially enter the race for the 21st Congressional district. We have a congressman that is hurting our country by shutting down our government. It is now time to shut down David Valadao! Each day that goes by our local small businesses lose almost a billion dollars in SBA loans, our national parks are shutdown, punishing our travel and tourism industry and hurting small business, Lemoore Naval Air Station cannot pay its vendors and thousands of workers cannot work. I am the 2012 democratic nominee and I plan on staying. It is time get the government running and put JOBS FIRST in the 21st district!” 

Please join the Hernandez for Congress campaign at either of the below locations.

October 12, 2013
City of Sanger
11am – 12pm
Sanger Park
Academy & 5th Street

October 12, 2013
4pm – 5pm
931 Niles
Come enjoy refreshments as we open up our Bakersfield office!

Go to for more details.

John Hernandez

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05 Oct

Evans: Valadeo won’t move to end shutdown without pressure from his district

A message from Fresno County Democratic Chair Michael D. Evans:

Thanks to the Republican shutdown, 9,000,000 moms and kids are going to lose WIC, which keeps food on their tables, Yosemite was closed on its 123rd birthday, and the National Institutes of Health have put their cancer research on pause.

Our representative in Congress, Rep. David Valadao, has the power to stop it. He can pressure Republican leadership in the House to bring a clean government funding bill to a vote, and he can support it.

But right now, Rep. Valadao is in thrall to Speaker Boehner and the tea party. He won’t end the shutdown without pressure from back home — from us.

Sign California Democrats’ petition to Rep. Valadao now — demand that he end the shutdown.

The shutdown is just one more reason our local representative is a top target for the state party in the next election.

Democrats throughout California are rallying to defeat him, but it’s up to the people who live in his district — like you and me — to call out his worst positions.

And we need to start now, today, while people are starting to hurt from this reckless, irresponsible shutdown.

Sign California Democrats’ petition to Rep. Valadao now — call him out until he votes to end the shutdown.

Thank you for being a California Democrat,

Michael Evans
Fresno County Democrats

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05 Oct

Costa: The shutdown is a promise broken

A message from Representative Jim Costa:

Dear Friends,

We are now in the 4th day of an unnecessary and avoidable government shutdown. The impact is becoming clear in the Valley as individuals seeking help with their mortgage try to visit the Fresno Housing and Urban Development Field Office only to find it is closed for business or those needing assistance with their tax extension approaching a locked door at IRS service centers rather than a friendly face.

Now the House of Representatives and the Senate have devolved even further into political theater that is more about scoring points than finding a way to pass a budget and reopen the government. This is unacceptable.

The brave men and women at the 144th deserve better. While guardsmen and women have not been furloughed, they are paid based on their training time. During the shutdown, all training has ceased at the wing and all other National Guard units nationwide. If this shutdown does not end soon, this will hit their paychecks and their families hard.

My Republican friends have offered a few bills that would reopen the portions of the government that they like, but the real way to end the pain for most Americans is to pass a full budget. Nothing less will make it to the President’s desk for signature.

The promise to our veterans, military, seniors, and families was already broken when they chose to shut the government down rather than act responsibly.

The only way forward is to reopen the entire government, and it is past time to do that. Their current strategies are more about saving face than resuming critical services that Americans expect and deserve.

I will continue working for a bipartisan solution that allows us to pass a budget and get government back to work. Despite much of the federal government being closed, my offices will remain open to serve you.

Please contact my office by phone at 559-495-1620 for my Fresno District Office, 209-384-1620 for my Merced Office, or 202-225-3341 for my Washington Office. You can also let me know your thoughts or request assistance by sending my office an email.


Jim Costa
Member of Congress

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