28 Sep

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28 Sep

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Next Meeting: Saturday, October 1, 2016

Location: Denny’s at Abby and Divisadero, downtown Fresno

Time: 9am to 11am

No cost to attend, other than what you order for breakfast.

Speaker: Sylvia Woodburne

Program: Review of the 17 California Ballot Initiatives on the November ballot (which is apparently NOT an historic number!)

Sylvia has lived in California — south, and central –for the last 55 years, after coming out from Michigan and New York. She has a Master’s in Public Administration, and an undergraduate major in Political Science. She received her credential for teaching lower-grade and
subject-matter upper grade classes. She worked for several years with
various non-profits, and here in Fresno, she was with VISTA for four
years, working with various seniors programs, and substitute teaching.
She is a member of ‘League of Women Voters’ and does volunteer tutoring, and church-related activities.

Join us for another great discussion!

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28 Sep

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I am humbled to report that over the summer, my campaign to put our students first earned the support of key community organizations in my district:

Fresno County Democratic Party
FMTK Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Central Valley Progressive PAC
(Partial List)


Overwhelming Support

Nelson is the official candidate of the Democratic Party in his race for the Fresno County Board of Education in District #3- and is recommended to voters on the official party slate.



Pictured below: One of Nelson’s most adorable supporters.







Students & Families
The FMTK Central Labor Council and the Central Valley Progressive PAC share Nelson’s commitment to serving our students and families of Fresno County.




 With 43 days to go before Election Day on November 8th- there is still much work to be done!

Click here to Donate

Nelson Esparza for Fresno County Board of Education, District 3 2016

P.O. Box 17114

Fresno, CA 93744



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28 Sep

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If you watched last night’s debate, then you saw a candidate in Donald Trump who doesn’t have smart or experienced answers on how to address criminal justice reform or violence in our communities.

I was impressed that the moderator, Lester Holt, focused so much attention on this important issue, but it was disturbing that Trump used his time to defend his proposal to bring “stop-and-frisk” nationwide.

Here’s the truth: “stop-and-frisk” is unconstitutional, ineffective, and will make it more difficult for communities of color to trust our law enforcement.

In contrast, Secretary Clinton spoke about the need to address implicit bias — not just in law enforcement, but in all of us. She also spoke about the need for comprehensive background checks for guns.

There is no easy answer to reforming our broken criminal justice system — but I can tell you that Trump and his ineffective stop-and-frisk policies aren’t the solution.

We can bring real criminal justice reform to this country in the coming years, and it starts by winning this election. That’s why I’m asking:

Can you make an urgent contribution of $3 to help our campaign win, so that I can take the fight to reform our broken criminal justice system to the U.S. Senate?

I believe yesterday may have been a turning point — not just in the presidential campaign, but in the way we address criminal justice issues as a country. In California, we have worked to take a “smart on crime” approach to justice, applying innovative, data-driven methods to make our system more transparent, effective, and fair.

I am hopeful that alongside Hillary Clinton in the White House, we can implement real solutions nationwide that will improve public safety and build truth, transparency, and trust between law enforcement and our communities.

Thank you for standing with us on this critical issue.

– Kamala


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28 Sep

Fresno 2 Las Vegas Bus Trip!!

Next Trip Saturday October 1, 2016 6AM

For more information and to sign-up


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