18 Dec

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18 Dec

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President Obama Press Conference December 15, 2016

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18 Dec

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YouTube video of AFT Livestream event, Keith Ellison for DNC


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18 Dec

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Our nation’s social contract is at a tipping point, and millions of seniors are at risk if we fail to act quickly to defend them.

Republican leaders are moving forward with plans to gut Medicare by replacing it with private health insurance vouchers. Doing so would endanger health benefits for more than 55 million Americans who depend on the program.

More than eight million are Californians who paid into the system for decades and have earned the right to access Medicare.

The only thing stopping the Republicans from privatizing Medicare is all of us, which is why I’m asking:

Can you sign our urgent petition today demanding the Republicans abandon their plans to privatize Medicare?

After an election season where many Republican candidates, including President-elect Donald Trump, pledged to protect programs like Medicare, it is disappointing to learn those promises are being abandoned.

This year, on the campaign trail, I was telling you the truth when I pledged to protect our social contract. It is wrong to balance the budget on the backs of seniors who are relying on us to protect them. That is why I will oppose every attempt by the Republicans to privatize Medicare or weaken any successful program that millions of people count on every single day.

But I cannot do it alone. Fresno Dem club, I need to know you’re standing with me in this fight.

Add your name to our petition today calling on Republicans to stop trying to privatize Medicare >>

We have our work cut out for us in Washington, but I am confident that if we stand together we can fight back and save Medicare in the coming months and years.

Fight on,

– Kamala


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08 Dec



Good morning.

The new California Legislature was sworn in this week and Democrats were busy trying to build a “blue wall” against the expected policies of President-elect Donald Trump. The details, from CALmatters news analyst Laurel Rosenhall and immigration reporter Elizabeth Aguilera.

—Thanks from all of us at CALmatters.


cm-1  Urgent appeal: CA Democrats to invoke new-anti-Trump weapon

Democrats who dominate the new California Legislature vow to unleash one of the superpowers of holding a supermajority: the ability to enact laws immediately by passing urgency bills. They predict they will be able to act fast—counter-punching in real time—if Republican President-elect Donald Trump signs federal laws or adopts policies they perceive as hostile to California.

BY Laurel Rosenhall



If feds try to ID deportable immigrants using Cal data, state will block access




In a state where Democrats hold the governor’s office and supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature, lawmakers say their answer will be a vociferous “no” if the federal government tries to peruse California’s DMV records and other state databases to identify undocumented immigrants. That would likely kick off what could be a protracted fed-versus-state legal battle—one in which both sides predict their argument would prevail.

BY Elizabeth Aguilera

CALmatters is a nonprofit journalism venture focused on engaging Californians in how their state government works and why it matters through original, multi-platform reporting and analysis. To learn more, visit, and connect with CALmatters on Facebook and Twitter.

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08 Dec

Opinion: Putting Your Money Where It Matters

While one can hope that the policies and actions of the Trump administration will not cause grave harm to our country and the world, his continuing tweets and appointments do not support such hope. Indeed, the next four years look to be an unmitigated disaster. Time will tell.
Meanwhile, those who believe in civil liberties, climate change, diversity, reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, and basic fairness need to support experienced organizations that are set to effectively fight for these issues in the courts, Congress, and state capitols and can mobilize people into action via social media and the like. There are literally hundreds of these organizations each at the national, state, and local level.
I have put together my own list of 12 organizations at the national or regional level that warrant your consideration to support with monetary donations. Most are engaged in political action and donations to their listed websites are not tax-deductible donations. However, if this is an important consideration, they typically have an associated Foundation, which will still benefit from your donation. Each website provides information about the organization and a link for online donating.
If you can donate at a higher amount by doing so in monthly installments, this is preferred as it provides a more stable funding base. Note: donating to any of these groups does not mean you should not donate to others. This list came about as I have received literally hundreds of requests for financial support, and I wanted to come up with what I thought would be most effective for the money donated. The list could easily have been 25 or more organizations, but I concluded that would be too long.
I hope you find this information of use. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”
Thank you.

Howard K. Watkins
1785 W. Dovewood Lane
Fresno, CA 93711
Cell 559-355-7040




  1. American Civil Liberties Union
  2. Campaign for Southern Equality
  3. Democratic Party
  5. Muslim Advocates
  6. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  7. National Hispanic Leadership Agenda
  8. Our Revolution
  9. People for the American Way org
  10. Planned Parenthood Action Fund
  11. Sierra Club
  12. Southern Poverty Law Center


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07 Dec

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District 1’s Young Councilmembers


(Top Row) Harleen Gill, Savanah Bazley, Bikramjit Gill, Angelina Her, Councilwoman Soria, Jordan Lor, Christian Power, Simran Kaur, Council Assistant Itzi Robles,
(Bottom Row)  Rupinder Kaur, Jazmin Leon, Lindsay Norton

FRESNO –Fresno City Councilwoman Esmeralda Soria launches District 1’s Young Councilmember Program. The 2017 class is composed of 10 students currently attending school at Central High School, Fresno High School, and Bullard High School.

The Young Councilmember Program brings together select young people throughout City of Fresno Council District One to be a part of a cohort developing leadership skills. The program will educate and challenge participants in their understanding of community, agriculture, business, technology, law enforcement, and medicine.

Councilwoman Soria stated “I am so excited to launch our first class of the Young Councilmember Program, which is designed to provide high school students with unique opportunities about potential career and educational paths. The program is focused on exploring the industries and professions that are critical to our local and state economies, learning about local government and developing the next generation of Fresno leaders.”

Thank you to Fresno County Office of Education Foundation & PG&E for being the Young Councilmember Program inaugural sponsors.

Please contact our office for your additional opportunities to sponsor our youth at (559)621-7814.

District 1 News

Reminder: Please RSVP by TODAY!

Help brighten the Holidays for a child this year by donating
a new unwrapped toy for ages 5-17 years old.


Can’t make it to our reception?

Make a donation at the following locations:

Gazebo Gardens – 3204 N. Van Ness Blvd.

Yosemite Falls – 4278 W. Ashlan Ave

El Bajio – 3704 W. Shields Ave.

7-Eleven– 2414 N. Fruit Ave. (Clinton Ave.)

El Ranchito Bakery – 417 W. Shields Ave.

DiCicco’s Italian Restaurant – 2221 W. Shaw Ave.

Chicken Pie Shop – 861 E. Olive Ave.

Pardinis– 2257 W. Shaw

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