19 Mar

Wednesday, March 22 1-4 PM

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19 Mar

Preparing to Run Monday April 3, 6-8 p.m.

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17 Mar

Pre-register at 16. VOTE at 18

Last week I announced that 16 and 17-year-olds can now pre-register to vote online in California.​

Online pre-registration will help more young people vote as soon as they are eligible. Whether they’re at school, at home, or hanging out with friends, young Californians can pre-register to vote on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s quick and easy.

Getting young people involved early makes them informed and engaged citizens.

At a time when the Trump administration is spreading false accusations about illegal voting — and attacking our healthcare, our environment, and our immigrant communities — I’m working to empower young people to use their voices and VOTE as soon as they’re eligible.

But I need your help. Please share the news with the 16 or 17 year-olds you know today! Because we all need to do our part in protection and strengthening the right to vote for every Californian.

Thank you,

Alex Padilla



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17 Mar

“Show me your budget”


“Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value.” – Joe Biden

The federal budget is a reflection of our values — and if the Trump administration had their way, our country would put no value in public health, public safety, or public education.

Your family will suffer if the budget released by the White House is enacted. It is designed to hurt the most vulnerable in our society, from our children to college students, seniors and workers, and everyone in between. It weakens our country and puts your future at risk, so we can give tax breaks to corporations and pay for a multi-billion dollar border wall we don’t need.

Please make a contribution of $38 to our campaign to elevate the voices of those who will be hurt most if this devastating budget is signed into law. It’s on us to share their stories in this moment.

No one can argue with a straight face that we will be made stronger with cuts to meals for seniors, scientific research focused on curing cancer, support for farmers, affordable housing, or financial assistance to students and the working poor.

That’s why Kamala is working hard in Washington to defeat this budget proposal. Those who will be hurt most by this budget – the majority of Americans – are counting on us. We need to stand up for them.

All our best,

Kamala HQ


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17 Mar

No Title


The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Chris Robles
Chair, San Bernardino County Democratic Party


Friends –

Grassroots organizing is in Eric Bauman’s DNA. It is what he lives for and what he does – fundamentally believing that reaching out to real people is critical to winning elections and electing progressive Democrats. He has proven to be a hardworking organizer, dedicated to the causes of the Democratic Party and our progressive agenda.

Eric’s direct actions to support our candidates, clubs, central committees, and Party platform have translated into success electing scores of progressive Democrats up and down California – leading to an unprecedented Democratic supermajority in Sacramento – a success unmatched by any other state Party. We want… We need Eric’s unrivaled resolve, vision, and leadership to steer the California Democratic Party into the future.

That’s why we are honored to announce that grassroots activists, Democratic clubs, and elected leaders from across the Inland Empire are united behind Eric Bauman’s campaign to become the next Chair of the California Democratic Party, including:

  • San Bernardino County Democratic Party
  • Democratic Headquarters of the Desert
  • Foothills Community Democratic Club of San Bernardino
  • Helen Doherty Democratic Club
  • West End Democratic Club
  • Brownie Mary Democratic Club
  • Palm Desert Greens Democratic Club
  • Laurie Stalnaker, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Central Labor Council
  • Howard Katz, Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party
  • Judy Jacobs, Children’s Caucus Chair, CDP
  • Agi Kessler, Senior Caucus Chair, CDP
  • Diana Love, Region 11 Director, CDP
  • Diane Boudreaux, Region 13 Director, CDP
  • Suzan Wilkinson, Region 19 Director, CDP
  • Hon. Mary Jane Sanchez-Fulton, Board Chair, College of the Desert
  • Hon. Pete Aguilar, Member of Congress
  • Hon. Mark Takano, Member of Congress
  • Hon. Norma Torres, Member of Congress
  • Hon. Connie Leyva, State Senator
  • Hon. Josh Newman, State Senator
  • Hon. Richard Roth, State Senator
  • Hon. Eduardo Garcia, State Assembly Member
  • Hon. Jose Medina, State Assembly Member

*Titles for identification purposes only

These are our grassroots Democrats, local leaders, and elected leaders who fight every day in our communities, at our State Capitol, and in the halls of Congress to advance a progressive, compassionate, and inclusive agenda, and to stand up to Donald Trump’s hateful agenda.

Eric’s leadership in bringing our grassroots activists together with our elected leaders to fight for the Democratic causes that we all care about is what we need in Party leader. Here is what a couple of leaders from the Inland Empire have to say about why they support him for Chair:

“With the critical 2018 election on the horizon, California Democrats are not in a position where we can afford to have a leader who needs on-the-job training. That’s why I’m proud to support Eric Bauman for Chair of the California Democratic Party. He’s got a real track record when it comes to electing progressives from San Diego to the Oregon border, and then advocating for those in office to enact priorities we all share – from increasing the minimum wage to combating climate change, to expanding access for universal healthcare, to protecting immigrants’ rights, and so much more.”
Elle Kurpiewski
Longtime Grassroots Activist, Riverside

“Every day in Washington, I witness firsthand the toxic, radical, and out-of-touch agenda of Donald Trump and his extremist-infused GOP apparatus in Congress. It reminds me of the vital role that California plays as a shining example of what compassion, progress, and excellence in governance looks and feels like. A key component of how California has led the way for so many years is by Democrats’ abilities and prowess when it comes to winning elections. Eric Bauman has been a major focal point in California Democrats’ efforts to make this a reality. We need his proven and effective leadership at the tip of California’s spear as we move into the future, whether it’s taking on the Trump Administration or bringing renewed progress to California. Eric Bauman is the only candidate for California Democratic Party Chair who I believe can deliver for our Party. I’m with Eric 100%.”
Hon. Norma Torres
Member of Congress

As we head toward the State Convention, we hope Eric can count on your support, too. Please click here to join Eric’s campaign for CDP Chair.

Thank you for all you do every day to build our Party from the ground up. Together, we will elect Eric Bauman as the next Chair of the California Democratic Party. Together, we will take the California Democratic Party to the next level.

Democratically yours,

Chris Robles
San Bernardino County Democratic Party




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17 Mar

No Title

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


For Immediate Release
Contact: 510-560-3704

LOS ANGELES, Calif.: (March 13, 2017) Assembly Member Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has announced her support for progressive Democrat, Kimberly Ellis, to lead the California Democratic Party.

Garcia, who is chair of both the Legislative Women’s Caucus and the Natural Resources Committee, shares Ellis’ vision of a revitalized CDP, focused on organizing and community engagement. Garcia’s backing further demonstrates Ellis’ broad support from elected leaders in both the State House and Congress. The endorsement was first made public last night at Ellis’ Los Angeles Region Campaign Kickoff, which brought together nearly 100 of the area’s most well-known progressive voices and activists.

“As Chair of the Women’s Caucus, I know how important, yet difficult, it is to give women a seat at the table,” said Garcia, who used to be a teacher before being elected into office. “That’s why we need to elect a Democratic Party Chair who isn’t just pro-choice but pro-woman. Kimberly Ellis is committed to fighting for women’s political parity, while also protecting our progressive values and supporting diverse, high-quality leaders for our state and nation. We need her leadership now more than ever. That is why I am endorsing Kimberly Ellis for California Democratic Party Chair.”

Before being elected to the Assembly in 2012, Garcia helped form the local advocacy organization, Bell Association to Stop the Abuse, in response to the City of Bell’s corruption scandal. As a legislator, Garcia introduced an ethics and transparency bill package to curb political corruption. Governor Jerry Brown signed five of her reform measures into law. For her part, Ellis has voluntarily released the list of all of her donors to demonstrate her commitment to transparency and called upon her opponent to do the same.

“With her background as a grassroots advocate, Assembly Member Garcia knows firsthand the devastating impact corruption has upon a community,” Ellis said. “Voters must be confident that California Democrats will root out insider corruption and backroom deals wherever they occur – including our own backyard. I am beyond proud to have the support of such a prominent and ethical lawmaker, who is blazing the trail and making all of us proud.”

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17 Mar

Taking Money Matters

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

In politics, where you get your money from matters because a voter’s perception is the only reality that really counts in the end. Yes, an elected official can certainly take a corporation’s dollar and not be influenced. But if accepting that donation loses the confidence of supporters, it comes at too high a price.

Several months ago, I made a pledge to list all of my donors and challenged my opponent to do the same. Because the CDP Chair’s race is not for a publicly held office and the rules are set by the Party, as it stands, there’s no requirement to disclose any contribution. But I think true leaders should always do what’s right – especially when it’s our choice.

Here’s a list of all of my contributors from the start of my campaign until March 3, 2017. We’ll be continuing to add names as we get them throughout this campaign.

I am incredibly proud that my support has come from more than 650 individual donors and I think that speaks for itself. If we’re going to get the wrong kind of money – such as tobacco, Big Oil and pharma – out of our CDP politics, I think it needs to start at home with the Chair’s race.

As the saying goes, I’ve shown you mine…


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