17 Oct

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17 Oct


The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


I have fantastic news — Governor Brown just signed my bill, SB 17, into law! This new law brings transparency to Big Pharma by requiring drug companies to give advance notice on drug price increases, as well as explain why drug costs are going up.

People shouldn’t have to choose between putting food on the table and paying for their medication.

Although this state legislation was passed in California, it’s a monumental achievement for the entire nation. SB 17 will help change health care policy and benefit consumers, not only here in California, but other states as well.

I believe health care is a human right, and that’s why I have dedicated my life to making it more accessible and affordable for all. I’m running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of California to build on our progress and continue to stand up for all Californians.

Will you stand with us in the fight for affordable prescription drugs?

If you’ve saved your information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.

Express Donate: $5

Express Donate: $10

Express Donate: $25

Or donate another amount.

Thanks for joining me in this fight,
Dr. Ed


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17 Oct

Invitation to Friends of the Madden Library “Fake News Alternative Facts and Media Bias”.

Dear Friends,

Please consider joining us on Friday 10/27 at 6pm at the Henry Madden Library 2nd floor for a panel discussion with Jim Boren, Lloyd Carter and Trevor Carey.  Moderated by Faith Sidlow!     Invitation attached:   RSVP at  using code LIBNEWS.

Thank you,

Sharon Ramirez

Henry Madden Library





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17 Oct

Your Weekly CDP Update


This has been another productive week for the CDP. See below for a recap of the week’s activities.

Fire Relief
The wildfires in Northern California are continuing to cause enormous devastation and human suffering. This is the deadliest series of fires in California history, and the death toll is still climbing. Tens of thousands are still under evacuation orders. Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed.

This is a horrific tragedy, and our entire CDP family joins in mourning for the victims and praying for the survivors. Our state has experienced disasters before, and we’ve always come through them because of the spirit of compassion and generosity that makes California such a wonderful and inclusive place to live.

Please take a moment and make a donation to any of the following relief funds that have been set up to support the victims of this tragedy—this is their hour of need, and as Democrats, we must stand with them.

Rules Committee Executive Board Meeting Update
At the August 2017 CDP Executive Board Meeting, the CDP Rules Committee recommended Bylaw amendment proposals for consideration at the November 2017 CDP Executive Board Meeting, November 17-19, 2017, at Westin San Francisco Airport.

Please click here to view the Bylaw amendment proposals for consideration and click here to view a memo on Bylaw amendment proposal regarding platform.

Please click here to visit the CDP Rules Committee webpage for other information.

Platform Committee Requests Your Input
The CDP adopts a platform every two years. The CDP Platform Committee is currently working on drafting the new platform, which will be considered and adopted at the California Democrats State Convention in 2018. We welcome your input and participation through the drafting process. Please note that all testimony and language proposals must be submitted in writing. The deadline to submit written testimony and language proposals is Friday, November 17, 2017, at 5 PM. To submit written testimony and language proposals, please visit the CDP Platform Committee webpage at Please feel free to share the information with your contacts.

Regional Meetings
CDP Regional Meetings are held across the state prior to the November 2017 CDP Executive Board Meeting and are currently underway. For information on the Regional Meeting in your area, please visit the CDP Events webpage.

Endorsement General Information
The CDP Endorsements webpage is live at Please visit the Endorsements webpage for information on the 2018 CDP endorsement process. The webpage will be updated periodically.

In Case You Missed It
CDP Political Director Clark Lee shared the latest news from the Josh Newman Campaign about Republican efforts to silence the victims of voter fraud.

Chair Eric C. Bauman attended the Tri Counties Democratic Club’s fundraiser and presented an award to Sen. Josh Newman.

Tricounty dem club dinner.jpg

And he applauded the news that Governor Brown has signed legislation by Sen. Ed Hernandez to prevent pharmaceutical companies from suddenly raising the cost of lifesaving prescription drugs:

“Pharmaceuticals are uniquely susceptible to the kind of price gouging made infamous by Martin Shkreli, the notorious ‘pharma-bro’ who announced a massive increase in the cost of a lifesaving drug with no warning to patients, caregivers or the general public. With today’s signing of SB 17 into law, patients and caregivers across California can breathe a sigh of relief because this kind of extortion by unscrupulous pharmaceutical executives is now illegal in California.

This is one of the most important consumer and patient protection laws in decades. The California Democratic Party made this bill an urgent legislative priority, and more than a thousand people added their name to our letter urging approval of SB 17. I want to thank Governor Brown and Senator Ed Hernandez for being true champions for California’s patients and caregivers.”

One week closer to 2018!

— CDP Update

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17 Oct


Kamala Harris

Hi, Fresno County —

Since taking office, Donald Trump has sabotaged the Affordable Care Act in a callous and desperate attempt to force Congress to repeal the law. In recent weeks, he has gutted funding for recruitment, deleted publicly available information about how Americans can get care, and even reversed birth control coverage requirements.

Late last night, Trump took his assault on our health care one step further by canceling funding that reduces the cost of health care for millions of lower-income Americans.

This decision is devastating. Millions will lose access to affordable health care, plunging ACA markets into chaos — and risking insurance even for those who don’t require assistance.

The good news is there is something we can do about it. Congress has the authority to compel the federal government to make these payments and stabilize the health care markets. That’s why I’m reaching out today to ask you to take action:

Sign my petition telling Congress to prevent Trump from canceling ACA funding for lower-income Americans.

There is so much work we have to do to guarantee health care as a right for every single person in this country. But with Trump in the White House and the Republicans in control of Congress, we have to focus all our energy on preserving the progress we’ve made.

I have never seen an elected official so cruelly sabotage a law (and let’s not forget that Congress has still not renewed the funding for CHIP, which provides care for millions of our kids.)

The sad truth is that this will not be the last time Trump undermines the ACA and endangers health care for our friends, family, and neighbors. We have to be ready to make our voices heard and fight back with everything we’ve got — no matter what heartless and awful decisions this president and his advisors come up with next.

Add your name: Tell Congress to stop Trump from canceling these critical ACA payments.

Thanks for all you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California




“Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in every generation.”
– Coretta Scott King


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17 Oct

up to his old tricks

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

DEVELOPING: Devin Nunes is going rogue – AGAIN!

Read on for details…

This time, Nunes issued subpoenas for the Congressional investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with the Russians on a whim – and without telling Democrats.

It’s another shocking example of Nunes’ blatant disregard for working across the aisle to establish the truth.

Instead, Nunes is hell-bent on doing whatever he can to protect President Trump and Trump campaign associates, even if it means dissing his Congressional colleagues.

Will you rush a donation to show Devin Nunes we’re fed-up with his game-playing and grandstanding? >>>

Nunes’ erratic behavior shows he can’t be trusted. Time and again, he acts without thinking, obsessed instead with looking good for President Trump.

We deserve better than an out-of-control representative. We don’t need a loose cannon like Devin Nunes representing us in Washington, D.C.

What the hardworking families of the 22nd District need is a member of Congress who puts their interests first.

That’s why Andrew is running. Will you pitch in immediately to help Andrew compete – and win – against Devin Nunes?





Thanks for your support of our campaign.

Contributions or gifts to Andrew Janz are not tax deductible.


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17 Oct

Big boost from Mayor Tom Butt

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Jeff Bleich for Lieutenant Governor 2018 FPPC # 1396288

I’m grateful to earn the endorsement of Tom Butt, Richmond’s mayor and local business owner. As Lt. Governor, I’ll work with him on empowering cities to solve the housing crisis and attract good-paying jobs.

Endorsements from local elected officials are important to me because it’s leaders like Tom who are working with Californians everyday on solving the toughest challenges facing our neighborhoods.


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We’ve been earning significant support from a wide array of other leaders in our cities, counties, local schools, community college boards, as well as Congressional leaders like Adam Schiff and Ro Khanna.

You can help build our support right now by sharing this email with people in your social media circle and joining our team by clicking here

Thanks for your continued commitment.

– Jeff


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