26 Sep

Kevin de Leon to join Luis Chavez on ‘Superwalk’ this Saturday, Sept. 27

From our friends at the Luis Chavez for State Senate campaign:

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25 Sep

Vice President Biden coming to Central Valley to support Amanda Renteria

From our friends at the Amanda Renteria for Congress campaign:


I’m going to cut to the chase – we have big news!

In just two weeks, Vice President Joe Biden will be joining me here in the Central Valley to help us as we fight to give the people of the 21st District an effective voice in Washington!

This is an incredible sign that our campaign is really gaining momentum, and an unprecedented visit for families in an area long forgotten.

People all over the country are watching closely because they know how important it is to unseat a Congressman who time and time again has voted to hurt, rather than to help, the people in his district.

From the New York Times to MSNBC to Elle Magazine, people are talking.  And many who believe in what a real leader can do for the future of the Central Valley have been lining up to support my campaign.

With just 41 days until the election, I’m so ecstatic to be able to share such exciting news with you.  Stayed tuned as we work out the details and, as always, thanks for fighting with me!



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