Fresno County Democratic Women’s Club

Fresno County Democratic Women’s Club

Mission Statement

The purpose of this club is to participate in the activities of the Democratic Party, including registration, campaigning, get-out-the-vote, the Big Fresno Fair booth and California Democratic Council conventions. We support Democratic candidates actively and financially. We influence legislation when the membership deems it appropriate.

Founded by Margaret Robinson in 1932: The oldest continuously operating Democratic club in California.

Facebook Group: Fresno County Democratic Women’s Club

Contact information:

President: Pat Barr (559) 905-1836 
P.O. Box 5055, Fresno, CA 93755-5055

Meets fourth Monday of each month at 11 a.m.
Ramada Inn
324 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno


President Term
Pat Barr 2017-2018
Dorothy “Dottie” Smith 2016-2017
Dorothy “Dottie” Smith 2015-2016
Carole Laval 2014-2015
Carole Laval 2013-2014
Susan Good 2012-2013
Susan Good 2011-2012
Billie MacDougall 2010-2011
Pat Brown 2009-2010
Patsy Montgomery 2008-2009
Harriet Ingram 2007-2008
Janet Sangster 2006-2007
Janet Sangster 2005-2006
Janet Sangster 2004-2005
Rosalie Kelly 2003-2004
Donna Youngman 2002-2003
Donna Youngman 2001-2002
Billie MacDougall 2000-2001
Gail Gaston 1999-2000
Gail Gaston 1998-1999
Yvonne Brown 1997-1998
Yvonne Brown 1996-1997
Ray Ensher 1995-1996
Ray Ensher 1994-1995
Helen Wilson 1993-1994
 Helen Wilson 1992-1993