16 Nov

What happens after the election?

Download the flyer below to join in our post-election efforts on behalf of Fresno County Democrats.

Our post-election activities

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16 Nov

A salute to Fresno Democratic Volunteers

From left: Key Democratic volunteers Nancy Griesser, Karen Genovese, and Brandon Sisk.

Many thanks for all your considerable efforts on behalf of the Democratic Party and our endorsed candidates and ballot measures in the 2012 election. Your contributions are the key to successful outcomes both now and in the future.

                                            —Michael D. Evans, Chair, Fresno County Democratic Party

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13 Nov

John Burton: ‘We won big.’

A note from California Democratic Party Chair John Burton:

I am proud to congratulate President Barack Obama and Senator Dianne Feinstein on their re-election victories.

But I’m most proud of our volunteers and field staff from across California that worked day and very late into the night — for months — to defeat Proposition 32 and pass Proposition 30 to stop the cuts to education.

If you’re proud of what we did together as California Democrats, like and share this graphic of our achievements on Facebook:

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That’s not the only bit of great news we have here.

Votes are still being tabulated in several Congressional Districts but it’s looking like we picked up at least five, and as many as six, “swing” districts here in California. That’s not even counting the three House incumbents we successfully defended from Republican attack. Simply put: This is an amazing feat. It will help Leader Pelosi return to Congress with a stronger hand and wider base of support to take on Speaker Boehner and the Republicans — who seem as committed to their obstructionist agenda as ever.

Then, late on Election Night we learned that Democrats have at last won a 2/3 majority in the Legislature. That means Governor Brown and Democrats in the Legislature will no longer be held hostage to the whims and demands of a super-minority of Republicans set on impeding progress for the issues that matter to Californians.

Our victories extended down to the local level. In San Diego, we helped elect the first Democratic mayor since 1988 as Bob Filner defeated Carl DeMaio.

California Democrats put it all on the line and came up aces this election year.

We didn’t do it alone. Our volunteers, our contributors, our staff and especially our candidates worked hard to ensure victories across the state.

When Democrats work this hard, there’s no stopping us.

Victories of this magnitude are rare in politics. Thank you for your hard work.

Peace and friendship,

John Burton
California Democratic Party

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13 Nov

A thank you from Otto Lee

A note from Otto Lee:

Thank you very much for your support!

I am very proud of our amazing team for running a strong and ethical campaign. Despite the result was less than our goal, we must keep in mind and appreciate what brought us all together. Our dedicated volunteers and interns canvassed more than 30,000 doors and registered over 5,500 new voters. We were able to unite our district and I am humbled by over fifty thousand Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green and Independent voters who voted for the change and improvement that our community needs.

None of this would have been possible without YOU. Your contribution and hard work to our campaign allowed us to reach as many people as we did in getting our message out. Together, we have made a profound difference during this amazing journey.

As we move forward, we must continue to get more people excited to help our underrepresented communities, support our returning warriors, and register to vote. Our community, and indeed our nation, faces problems that cannot and will not be solved by partisan bickering. Only when we work together will we see the change that we so desperately need.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me. I am truly honored to have represented your voice during this election season and will continue to work hard for you, for our children, and for veterans to make our country a better place for all. Sí se puede!

With deepest respect and gratitude,

Otto Lee

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13 Nov

A thank you from Jack Uppal

A note from Jack Uppal:

Dear Supporters,

I want to thank each and every one of you, and tell you what an honor it was to be your candidate for Congress. Together, we put forward a campaign that I am very proud of.

It saddens me to say that, despite the support, dedication and hard work of volunteers in each of our 10 counties, we were not successful in unseating Mr. McClintock.

To those who think you’re the only Democrats around – be cheerful! We received nearly 100,000 votes in this election – that’s more than a lot of winning candidates got in other congressional districts, even more than some got in Bay Area districts. It gives me great hope that we Democrats can make serious gains around this district, and that’s something that Kate and I will be continuing to work on with all our central committees.

As to my own future plans, honestly, I haven’t put much thought into that. And, you know how I like to think things through before acting on something. We’re going to take some time to unwind and relax, and we’ll make a decision on our future after that.

It’s been a real honor to run for Congress to represent the fine people in District 4. Thank you all so much.


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06 Nov

Look up your Polling Place

From the California Secretary of State’s website comes this Polling Place Lookup tool.

Click this link to look up your polling place.

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03 Nov

Democrats build registration edge in Fresno County

From the Fresno Bee:

Fresno County Democrats are continuing to lead rival Republicans in signing up new voters, data released today by the Secretary of State’s Office shows.

The new voter registration numbers — the last that will be released before Tuesday’s election — show there are 6,396 more Democrats than Republicans in Fresno County.

In raw numbers, it is 164,663 Democrats to 158,267 Republicans.

Read more on the Fresno Bee’s website.

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