Tyler Maxwell

Tyler Maxwell for Fresno City Council District 4: INFO

Bio: Tyler Maxwell has dedicated himself to fighting for the community. He assisted judges in criminal court, advocated for victims of violent crimes, and worked directly with the youth in rehabilitation programs. Tyler joined the Fresno Probation Department where he assisted victims of domestic violence. He then transferred to the Fresno Police Department where he served as a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) working to solve violent crimes. Tyler currently serves as Public Safety Director at City Hall for the Central Fresno area, helping to keep families safe.

Social Media:
Twitter: @Maxwell4Fresno
Facebook: Tyler Maxwell for Fresno City Council

Campaign Contact Information:
Campaign manager: Nabil Kherfan; (559)-286-6679; nabilkherfan@gmail.com

Volunteer: http://maxwellforfresno.org/
Donations: https://the-pdi.com/FormBuilder/ViewForm?key=TkEUX_fatBhJ3DdxHzJt7g==