BREAKING: Trump team attacks Kirsten

BREAKING: Trump team attacks Kirsten

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


He can’t stand that we’re calling him out.


Well, we’ve gotten his attention.

Within hours of our bus rolling out of the first stop on our Trump Broken Promises Tour, the Trump team attacked Kirsten and our campaign.

He can’t stand the fact that we’re pointing out how many promises he’s broken and lies he’s told the American people, or that Kirsten is proposing actual solutions to the problems he’s been incapable of fixing his entire time in office.

And he really can’t stand that we’re running a TV attack ad against him in three states he won in 2016.

Rush a donation to our campaign right now to help keep our ad up on the TV airwaves, and we’ll put money behind it on digital, too. We’re going to hold Trump accountable for his lies no matter what he throws at us.