This is a campaign on the rise

This is a campaign on the rise

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Hey team,

I’m still thinking about the great news we shared yesterday. We announced that we added 72,000 (yeah, you read that right) new donors to the campaign in the three months between April and June. This means that we tripled our number of unique donors. 

Our average online donation during that time was just $15.11

My favorite number though? 88%. That’s the percentage of our donors last quarter who chipped in to this campaign for the very first time.

Remember, we’re still many months away from Americans casting their votes in this primary. But, I can confidently say that this is a grassroots campaign on the rise. These numbers are a true testament to that. 

I want you to know that all of us on the campaign — especially Cory — are inspired that so many individuals from all across this country are willing to donate whatever they can to support this campaign. Every single dollar helps.

But, we can’t stop now. If you haven’t donated yet, now’s the time. We’re building momentum and I want to make sure you’re part of it. Please, chip in a dollar today so we can continue to grow this campaign brick by brick.