Will I see your name on the Grassroots Donor Wall?

Will I see your name on the Grassroots Donor Wall?

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

I’ve heard that the spaces on the Grassroots Donor Wall are filling up fast, and I’m deeply grateful for every single person who has chosen to be part of it. Every name on our Grassroots Donor Wall…

Warren for President

Stopping by our campaign offices across the country is always a lot of fun. I love seeing the different decor we’ve got — from the “Persist” posters to our mail wall at HQ that’s filled with heartfelt letters of support from all across the country.

When I stand there, surrounded by hopeful words, I take a moment to reflect on what’s possible when we’re all in this fight together.

And next time I’m in HQ, I’ll get to visit our new Grassroots Donor Wall. I can’t wait to see the names of the people powering this movement — the people who are right by my side in this fight.

Today’s the last day to get your name printed on the Grassroots Donor Wall before I go check it out. Will you chip in for the first time to add your name? It’d mean a lot to have you up there.