17 May

What I’ve Been Working On For You

News from Representative Costa

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Dear Friend,

This week, I’m back in Washington, where the House is working on legislation to increase access to healthcare and ensure equal protections for every American. Here are some highlights from the week of May 13th: 

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Today, I voted to pass H.R.987 – the MORE Health Education Act which lowers the cost of prescription drugs, cracks down on junk insurance plans, and lowers the cost of health coverage. This bill builds on last weeks effort to protect coverage for people with preexisting conditions. I am committed to delivering affordable healthcare for every American and ensuring the people of the Valley have the best access possible. This legislation helps us get closer to that goal.  


Wildfire Awareness

Also, the house passed H.R. 2157 – the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2019, which provides relief for communities dealing with natural disasters. The bill provides California with more than $3 billion  in recovery and prevention assistance in the aftermath of wildfires that have devastated whole communities. The legislation highlights the need to do more to manage forests to prevent deadly and destructive wildfires. 

Watch my floor speech below: 


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