We need you at City Hall

We need you at City Hall!

Thursday, Aug. 9th  |  3-5pm
City Hall: 2600 Fresno St, Fresno, CA 93721

Join us at City Hall next Thursday to celebrate, support, and witness the Fresno for Parks initiative take the final step in becoming a city-wide measure. At this historic meeting, we will call on our City Council representatives to place our citizen-led initiative on the ballot. More than 35,000 of you have already signed to support this non-partisan, transformational measure, and we ask you to continue your support to ensure its success.

Bring your families, your voices,
as we unite for a common cause.

We believe EVERYONE deserves access to clean, safe neighborhood parks, trails, and the arts. Join us to help ensure we can vote for the “Fresno Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Initiative” on November 6th!