Fresno’s Future

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

I am excited to announce my candidacy for Fresno City Council. 
It is with great humility and excitement that I announce to you my bid for Fresno City Council, District 4. I am extremely proud to come from a family that has called this district “home” for 4 generations.
I am running to ensure that all families in Fresno have a fair shot at a successful, healthy, and prosperous life. My own family experienced poverty, addiction, and housing issues. It is because of these hardships that I realize the importance of advocating for one’s community.
As a councilmember, I will fight for more jobs, better pay, safer streets, and cleaner neighborhoods. However, I can’t do it alone. It’s folks such as yourself that help to make this campaign possible. To learn more about the issues I’ll be fighting for, I encourage you to visit our website or Facebook page. If you would like to support the campaign with a contribution, you can do so on our donation page. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or simply want to chat. I look forward to continuing to earn the support of families in my community and am eager to share this journey with you along the way.
Maxwell for Fresno City Council 2020 | FPPC #1415389
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Tyler Maxwell for Fresno City Council | P.O. Box 847, Fresno, CA 93712
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