Elizabeth sets a fast pace (just ask TMZ)

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Every day on the trail brings something different, like house parties with neighbors getting together in living rooms, organizing events in packed theaters or school gyms, even seeing how maple syrup
Warren for President

I go around the country with Elizabeth as her communications director.

She sets a fast pace on the campaign trail — sometimes literally (you might have seen me placing third in the background of that TMZ clip of her running to catch a train.)

It’s because she really prioritizes going to as many places — and talking with as many people — as possible. Here’s some of what that’s looked like, by the numbers:

  • Holding 48 events (with more on the books for today and tomorrow in New Hampshire)
  • In 12 states plus Puerto Rico
  • Taking over 225 unfiltered questions from voters
  • More than 22,000 attendees seeing her in person, and about 13,000 people staying afterwards to get selfies and chat with her
  • Not to mention, the access she’s given the media: she’s answered hundreds of questions from the press in 39 press conferences and close to 100 interviews

Now, here’s the thing: Elizabeth is only able to do this because she’s forgoing private fundraisers with wealthy donors and hours and hours of calling for big checks.

Our campaign is only possible because more than 135,000 grassroots donors have chipped in. So here’s one more number for you: Can you make your first contribution to help keep Elizabeth on the road and keep her voice front and center in this race?