Here’s how we put your donations to work:

I hope you’ll let me tap into my engineering background to share a breakdown…………


When you win a congressional race by just 862 votes like I did, you begin to really understand what people mean when they say every door knocked, every call made, and every dollar donated can be the difference between victory and defeat.

I’m a numbers guy, so I hope you’ll let me tap into my engineering background to share a breakdown from our last race. In 2018, you support gave us the ability to:

– Reach 260,000 CA-21 residents through grassroots organizing.
– Knock 166,000 doors in a district of 182,000 households.
– Register 17,000 new voters.

I knew that if enough voters in the Central Valley saw my commitment to affordable healthcare access, providing clean water, and fixing our broken immigration system, I would earn their vote. It was your donations that gave us the resources to spread that message and win this race.

But here’s the truth: CA-21 was still the closest House race in California. That’s why Republicans have already put our district on their list of top targets in 2020.

We’re building to the resources defend this seat now. Can you make a donation of $10 to help us win again in 2020? Your support sends a message that our grassroots momentum is as strong as ever.