20 May

Challenge: Accepted

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in these races.

Friend —
My team is having a friendly competition to see who can recruit the most donors to our campaign this week — this is a challenge I can get behind! Would you consider chipping in $1 to our campaign right now? Here’s a personal link that will count toward my goal:
There’s a reason why we’re running a staff challenge right now. We all know we’re about to enter a new phase in this race. With the debates coming up next month, and 23 Democrats all vying to stand out, this is our last chance to lay the groundwork an underdog campaign like ours needs to get ahead. That means opening new offices, recruiting volunteers in key early states, and hiring one last round of grassroots organizers before the summer arrives.
Once the debates start, everything we’ve built together will be put to the test, and the whole country will be watching.
We send emails like this because this moment truly matters, especially for a campaign like ours. Without help from people like you, we don’t have a shot. Unlike other campaigns, we aren’t able to rake in millions of dollars in a single day. And we refuse to take big checks from corporate PACs or D.C. lobbyists. That was a decision we made from the start — and it was the right one.

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