I’m sick and tired of thoughts and prayers

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Friend, I am tired of going to funerals where parents are burying their children.
I am sick of hearing only thoughts and prayers for the communities that have been shattered by gun violence. It is horrific that Americans have to live in fear of going to their houses of worship, schools, or movie theaters.
And between mass shootings, the gunfire does not stop. Every single day in this country, nearly 100 Americans are killed with guns — and hundreds more are shot and injured.
We have to end the epidemic of gun violence and invest in communities that have been shattered by the trauma left in its wake. It’s time for bold action.
When I am president, we will implement the most aggressive gun safety measures our country has ever seen.
Here’s how we will do it:
  • Keep guns out of the wrong hands with gun licensing and universal background checks.
  • Bring real regulation and oversight to gun manufacturers.
  • End corporate legal immunity that prevents victims of gun violence from seeking justice.
  • Ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks.
  • Close the loopholes that allow domestic abusers and people on terrorist watch lists to get their hands on a gun.
I need you to join me in this fight, friend. Add your name next to mine to say enough is enough and that we can’t just wait for progress. We’re going to tackle this epidemic head on — together:

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