Quick survey: What matters most to you in California?

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Warren for President

On a typical presidential campaign, the candidate spends a lot of time holding swanky fundraisers in big cities hearing about what issues big donors care about.

But we’re doing things differently on this campaign. Because Elizabeth has sworn off fancy fundraisers, her schedule is open so we can invest in the priorities we care about: organizing communities and having person-to-person contact all across the country.

And it also means she gets to go to places our presidential primary process too often leaves behind, including Puerto Rico, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah, and, later this week, West Virginia.

Elizabeth does this to meet people where they are and talk about the issues that matter to them in their communities and states.

So we want to know: Will you fill out this 2-minute survey and let Elizabeth know what issues matter to you in California?