The Campaign as Family

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Friend — 
We were in Des Moines the other day wrapping up a town hall.  It was Zach, Carly, Luke, and I.  It was raining and chilly.  Our white Chevy Suburban was parked far across the parking lot.
We looked at each other for a second.  Were we all going to go to the car in the rain?  Or was someone going to run to the car and drive it over for the rest of us?
Zach quickly said, “I’ll run out and get the car,” and then dashed into the rain while the rest of us waited.
After he pulled up, we piled in.  Carly said, “That was such a dad move, Zach.”  It’s true.  That’s the sort of thing I do with my family all of the time.  I go and get the car in harsh elements while they wait under shelter.
So then I said, “Wait a minute.  If Zach is the Dad of this family, what am I?”

Zach sits in the driver's seat eating food with Andrew