We’re being outspent — by a lot

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Trump is reaching more people, raising more money, and spreading more of his lies to millions of people across the country every day.
Warren for President

We’ll be blunt: Donald Trump is outspending us on online advertising.

In fact, he’s spending nearly twice as much as the entire Democratic primary field combined.

This is a big deal — not just right now, but for Democrats’ chances of winning in 2020. It means that Donald Trump is reaching more people, raising more money, and spreading moreof his lies to millions of people across the country every day.

He can afford it: Trump’s campaign has already raised $129 million for his re-election — an unprecedented amount this early in the election.

And whenever Donald Trump needs more money, he can just call up some of his richest friends like the Mercers or the Adelsons and ask them to write a check with a bunch of zeros. They’ll be happy to do it — after all, in 2017 he signed the crooked tax plan into law that shoveled billions of dollars into their pockets.

Elizabeth doesn’t make those calls to millionaires or spend time at fancy fundraising receptions with billionaires. Because Elizabeth isn’t running a campaign where the Adelsons and the Mercers of the country get special treatment. She’s running a campaign to create big, structural change for millions of Americans across the country — and that means her only support is this grassroots team. Her only support is you.

Can Elizabeth count on you to chip in $3 for the first time and help power this campaign for the weeks and months ahead?