I’m asking you personally

I’m asking you personally

Help send a strong message that you’re committed to giving every Democrat the resources they need to win from local office to the Oval Office.
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The following message is a part of our 2020 Presidential Candidate Series. For more information, see below.
Americans deserve a leader who will put the needs of working families first, listen to every voice, and be brave enough to fight for what’s right. That’s why I’m running for president.

But no matter who is chosen as our party’s nominee, there’s one thing we all need in order to win back the White House: A strong Democratic Party.

Winning the White House, taking back the Senate, flipping state legislatures and local offices… it all requires a Democratic Party capable of investing in the infrastructure to spread our message, mobilize voters, and get out the vote.

We need candidates, supporters, and the DNC standing together to elect our next Democratic president. That’s why the DNC’s Democratic Unity Fund is so important.

Will you donate $10 to be split between my campaign and the DNC’s Democratic Unity Fund?