GOP attack ads in the Central Valley

GOP attack ads in the Central Valley


I wanted to make sure you saw the news that National Republicans are already running attack ads against me in my district. They’re objective? Slow our momentum and undermine our progressive message.

I can’t say I’m totally surprised. Special interests in Washington loved having a reliable vote in the Central Valley for their tax giveaways to the ultra-wealthy, their health care repeal efforts, and their cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

But I have some bad news for them: We’re stronger than they are and we’re not going anywhere. No matter how much they spend against us, this fight is still about bringing justice to our health care system. We won’t stop until we see concrete action to combat climate change. And despite the GOP’s weakness and capitulation — I’m going to keep holding Trump responsible for his lies.

Help me send a message. Make a $10 donation toward our 72-hour fundraising drive to remind the GOP we won’t give up an inch in our fight for progress — no matter what attacks they throw our way.