I want to hear from you on this

I want to hear from you on this



Since I left the debate stage a week ago, over 20,000 people made their first donation to help build this campaign. I’m still blown away.

My team tells me you’re still waiting to take that step.

I need to ask: Will you take a minute to let me know what’s holding you back?

I know that this is a really crowded field of amazing Democrats — some of them are really good friends of mine. That’s why I don’t expect anyone to be all in for me and me alone right now.

But making a donation means something a little different in this election. Because of the DNC’s debate rules, each candidate needs 130,000 individual donors to qualify for the fall debates.

That makes every donation a statement that you believe I belong on that stage. If an underdog campaign like ours is going to have a shot, we need to be at every single debate.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to chip in, now is that moment. I’d be honored if you made your first donation today.

But if you’re not ready, I get it. Take a minute to tell me what would change your mind.

Thank you,