15 Sep

VIDEO: Central Valley families face tough challenges

My wife Kathleen and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to raise a family.

TJ Cox for Congress

Hey there.

My wife Kathleen and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to raise a family.

Between her job as a pediatrician, my work, and raising 4 kids, we face a lot of the same stresses that folks talk to me about each day on the campaign trail. People are worried about how much time they spend with their kids with how many hours they put in at work. They’re concerned about the cost of college. And God forbid one of their children gets sick and they’re hit with a massive hospital bill.

That’s why I believe Congress has an obligation to make sure families have the opportunity to succeed. That means paid family leave, ensuring comprehensive health coverage, and equal pay for equal work. Have you watched my latest ad to learn about my vision for families in the Central Valley?


Watch our latest ad >>

Here’s the deal: If Trump, David Valadao, and the rest of the GOP had any real empathy for the people of California — they wouldn’t have fought to strip away our health insurance, hike our taxes, and threaten to gut Medicaid at every turn. It’s time we bring the focus back to the people we’re supposed to represent in Congress. That’s why I’m running and it’s why I need your support.

Help me get this TV ad far and wide so we can keep chipping away at David Valadao’s shrinking lead. Chip in a donation to support my campaign so we can bring some empathy back to this district >>

Thanks for your support,

TJ Cox




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