03 Oct

The millions AGAINST us just keep on pouring in


Our opponent’s independent expenditure just got another boost today. A boost to the tune of $4 million dollars this week alone. And we’re a month away from the election.

What does this mean? This means that $4 million on top of the more than $7 million they have spent just in the general election will be used to run ads on every single television set in California non-stop. They’re trying to drown out our message because they know if voters hear it then we will win. Help us fight back!

This past weekend, The San Diego Free Press wrote about why this election is so important. Then, The San Francisco Chronicle profiled our opponent’s track record manipulating standards to make graduation rates in his schools look good when in reality they only hurt student’s readiness for college.

Our opponent’s donors see this kind of unchecked standard as the solution to improving public schools in California. We can’t let them win this fight and take over our state’s school system. 

Can you chip in and stand with me as we fight these billionaires? 

Let’s show them that California’s students are NOT for sale.


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