26 Apr

Valadao, “monitoring the situation” isn’t enough

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

These headlines have our community feeling anxious these days:

The Fresno Bee: “Valley farmers suffer in trade war over tariffs”
The Modesto Bee: “Why Trump’s trade war will hurt the Central Valley” “Could Trump trade war hurt Kern County ag?”

Folks are wising up to the fact that Trump’s ill-advised trade war is going to devastate the Central Valley’s small businesses, farmers, and workers. These tariffs on our almonds, grape, and dairy products couldn’t have come at a worse time for working families trying to make ends meet while raising a family.

That’s why it’s an absolute shame that all Rep. David Valadao has offered to his constituents is that he’s “monitoring the situation” while this administration destroys our local economy.

It’s time we had a representative that will hold Trump and the rest of the GOP accountable when they attack our way of life in the Central Valley. Chip in a donation to bring back leadership that will advocate for our local needs — not enable Trump’s assault on our economy the way Valadao has >>

Chip in to flip CA-21 →

I work in the nut processing and manufacturing business, so I know how important it is for local families that our businesses can sell their goods to customers around the world.

That’s why Trump’s trade war, and Valadao’s inability to stand up for the Central Valley, is such a betrayal of this community.

Chip in to bring real representation back to working families in our district →

Thank you,

TJ Cox


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23 Apr

CDP Weekly Update

Weekly Update – 4/20/18

It’s been another productive week for the CDP. See below for a recap of this weeks activities. 

CDP Salutes Student Walk Out

Today, on the 19th Anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, tens of thousands of students across the state walked out of class to once again to demonstrate their determination to pass new gun violence laws.

Your CDP Team is in awe of these students. Their courage, their conviction, and their unshakeable willingness to hold their leaders accountable is truly one of the most hopeful and inspirational counterpoints to the bad news that seems to come in an endless stream these days.

We are proud to stand with these students, and our Party must do everything we can to nurture and empower these brilliant young leaders.

CDP Implements In-Person Harassment Training for Staff & Officers

Your CDP Team is tremendously proud of the #MeToo and #TimesUp Activists in the ranks of our Party who have been at the forefront of the extraordinary movements to challenge the pervasive culture of harassment, assault and discrimination that women face every day.


We believe it’s vital that our Party takes every step possible to make the CDP a safe and welcoming space for all. We established a Sexual Assault and Harassment hotline for our Convention, and we will continue to provide the hotline at future Executive Board meetings and State Conventions. And one of CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman’s first directives after he assumed office was for our HR team to update our personnel policies to reflect the most current best practices in preventing sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.  

As part of that Directive, the Chair also revived the practice of mandatory, in-person training for all CDP Staff and Officers, which were held over the past two Fridays. The CDP Team took advantage of programming developed by the Democratic National Committee and made available to State Parties through the Association of State Democratic Chairs.  

Our Party must be a safe and welcoming space for all, free from harassment, bullying or intimidation. We must do everything we can to promote a culture of inclusion and respect, and we will keep looking for opportunities to promote that culture within our Party.

Fiona Ma is a Treasure(r)

On Monday, just ahead of the April 17 tax deadline, Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma highlighted the Earned Income Tax Credit, which puts real money in the hands of working parents.

The Governor and the Legislature –  with an assist from BOE Member Ma and many activists for working families – fought hard to expand the EITC in recent years, so that we can provide more help to struggling parents.

Housing and transportation costs keep rising, and families are having a harder and harder time keeping up. The EITC helps those families by giving them a real tax credit for their work, and we want to do everything we can to highlight this vital resource for parents.

Find out more by visiting the EITC Page on the Franchise Tax Board’s website. And even though we are past the April 17 tax deadline, if you or someone you know can benefit from this credit, you can file an amended return, and even find resources to help you complete that process.

And make sure to check out Fiona Ma’s website to learn more about her race for State Treasurer!

Mayhem for the Midterms

We don’t know about you, but after the workday is done and Rachel Maddow has caught us up on the latest and craziest out of D.C., Your CDP Team likes to kick back and have a few laughs. And wouldn’t you know it, our friends in San Mateo are giving us the perfect opportunity to do just that right after the Primary is over! 

Don’t miss Mayhem for the Midterms on June 8, an evening of comedy presented by the San Mateo County Democratic Party and hosted by Comedy Central’s Dan St. Paul. San Mateo is beautiful in the spring, and in this crazy time we’re living in, we could all use a good laugh.

Get your tickets here.

Like, Dude, its 4/20

The CDP proudly endorsed California’s historic proposition to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use. Implementation has largely gone smoothly. Tax revenues from the sale of cannabis are already benefiting schools and communities across the state. Taco Bell stock has risen 69 percent since Prop 19 passed. (Not kidding, it actually has).  

On this 4/20, we salute the activists who sparked this dramatic policy change… The tireless and dedicated core of believers whose blunt talk cut through the seemingly chronic haze of uncertainty and misunderstanding… And of course, the voters themselves who stood in line, sometimes in dank conditions, in order to blaze a trail for sensible cannabis policies.

Be safe everyone. Pass to the left, and don’t smoke and drive.


199 Days Until the Election.

–CDP Weekly Update


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23 Apr

She listens

*** Betty Yee has been endorsed for State Controller by the CDP ***

Betty Yee for State Controller

I am honored by the numerous endorsements I have earned for my re-election campaign from organizations that stand up for workers, women, our environment, and more, and from elected and civic leaders throughout California.  Heading into these 2018 elections, all of us are surrounded by a noisy world of 24-hour reports of “news,” quick sound bites of “information,” and higher decibel “conversations” that are intended to energize yet mostly mask what is important.

So imagine my surprise when I read the following message I recently received:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Betty Yee during her first campaign for State Controller.  I was pleasantly surprised the first time she greeted me after her election.  Unlike many candidates whose personal attention lasts until they get your vote, Betty’s did not diminish in the least.  If anything, her sincerity, consideration and ability to listen has increased during her tenure in office.  I also know this story is not unique to me.  I have heard similar accounts from others.  I am honored to endorse her again to continue as our State Controller.”  Barbara Nelson, Assembly District 65 Delegate     

Please join Barbara Nelson in supporting my re-election by contributing $10, $25, or $50 so I may continue to listen and learn what is top of mind for Californians in all regions of our state during these noisy, uncertain times.

Thank you.



Betty T. Yee

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23 Apr

Eleni is breaking through…

*** No candidate for Lt. Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Eleni is going to break through a glass ceiling and become the first woman ever elected Lt. Governor in California. But she can only win with your help. 

Tomorrow is the last major fundraising deadline before the June Primary, and we are still short of reaching our goal. Can you make your contribution right now?

In case you missed the CALMatters article this week, Kounalakis said, ‘I’ve primarily taken contributions from individuals, many women who are excited about electing the first woman ever to be lieutenant governor of California…’”

We definitely feel the excitement building.

Women across this state are uniting behind Eleni’s campaign – because she is qualified, experienced, and the courageous leader California needs right now. She has earned the endorsement of CA National Organization for Women (NOW), EMILY’s List, California Women’s List, National Women’s Political Caucus, California Legislative Women’s Caucus, and local women’s groups throughout the state.

Senator Kamala Harris, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Congresswomen Anna Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren, Doris Matsui, Nanette Barragan, and Carolyn Maloney, and so many state and local leaders are also lining up to support this campaign.

And now, we need YOU. Please make a donation before the deadline tomorrow night.

Thank you, 

Aleksandra Reetz

Finance Team


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23 Apr

California Labor Federation Endorses Alex Padilla for Secretary of State

*** Alex Padilla has been endorsed for Secretary of State by the CDP ***

Alex Padilla

I am thrilled to share that I have received the endorsement of the California Labor Federation!

This is what California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski has to say.

Raised in a union household, Alex Padilla has fought for the rights of working families at all levels of government. As Secretary of State, Alex Padilla is working to make it easier for working Californians to register and vote so that their voices are heard in the political process. At a time when voting rights, basic worker protections and the right to stand together in a union on the job are under attack, the California Labor Federation stands with Alex Padilla.

Let me tell you why this endorsement is personal.

I was raised in a union household. Growing up, the restaurant my father worked in was organized by H.E.R.E. Local 11. I saw first-hand how a good contract ensured his good wages and benefits. More importantly, those wages and benefits afforded my parents the dignity of providing for our family and paying the mortgage.

I’m honored and thankful for the California Labor Federation’s recognition of the work I’m doing to register more voters and increase voter participation.

Will you chip in $10 to help me continue my work ensuring all Californians can easily register and vote?

Thank you,

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State


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23 Apr

Trump vs. California

*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

A few days ago, President Trump attacked California on Twitter over “sanctuary cities” and criticized the important work we’ve been doing to protect our families and our communities.

We passed SB54 to ensure that all people — regardless of their immigration status — are welcome in the state of California. Detractors of the bill may bring up “public safety,” but SB 54 only prevents local law enforcement from coordinating with ICE’s racist deportation scheme, not legitimate safety issues. In fact, sanctuary policies like SB 54 have been shown to make our cities safer.

We can’t let him undo everything we’ve accomplished and, with your support, we won’t. Please chip in $5, $10, or $25 right now to help me take the fight to this racist administration.

As the son of immigrants, this fight is personal. Families, many of them just like mine, should never be torn apart. Peaceful, law-abiding residents of our state should never be interrogated due to the color of their skin or the language that they speak. Such violations of our most basic constitutional rights will never be tolerated or enforced in California.

Donald Trump doesn’t understand our values as Californians. He doesn’t understand that our differences are what really make America great.

As your senator, I will continue to develop progressive, compassionate immigration legislation like SB54 that supports the equal treatment of all people. I can’t sit back and let Trump’s policies continue to devastate families across our country.

Chip in today to help me challenge Trump’s discriminatory immigration agenda in the U.S. Senate.

In solidarity,


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23 Apr

Don’t get scammed

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

One of the most important jobs of the Attorney General is serving as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, protecting the most vulnerable people among us, including seniors and Californians with disabilities who depend on Medicare.

Seniors who have worked hard and earned their benefits deserve to retire with dignity and peace of mind that they will be taken care of. But Social Security numbers associated with Medicare cards have been stolen by bad actors and used to victimize Medicare beneficiaries.

Ripping off hardworking people cannot be tolerated.

Medicare beneficiaries will soon be receiving new Medicare cards that do not display their Social Security numbers. I’ve issued a consumer alert providing additional tools to help seniors protect themselves against scam artists. And if you or a family member suspects any identity theft, make sure you call 1-800-MEDICARE right away.



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23 Apr

SF Chronicle

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

This is NOT the headline we wanted to see this week.

SF Chronicle: GOP Super PAC showering millions on endangered California Republicans

GOP Super PACs see the writing on the wall and are TERRIFIED of losing their grip on Congress. So they’re going all out and spending MILLIONS to prop up California rubber stamps like David Valadao.

This is the BEST CHANCE we’ve had to unseat David Valadao and flip CA-21. Chip in to help make it happen >>

We need your support to withstand the flood of outside money that’s pouring into the Central Valley to prop up our opponent. That’s why we’re aiming to raise $15,000 for TJ before the end of the week, but we’re coming up short.

Can you chip in any amount today to help send TJ Cox to Congress?

If we want to protect California and the country from Donald Trump’s extreme agenda, we need to send strong Democrats to Congress who will hold him accountable NOW.

We can’t afford to wait until 2020, and we certainly can’t allow the likes of Valadao to let Trump continue to run roughshod over our rights and values.

If we get to work now — we can win this.

Chip in now to help us hit our $15,000 goal →

Thank you,

TJ Cox for Congress


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23 Apr

One more day

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

We are almost there! Thanks to your generous support we have almost reached our goal.

I am thrilled to have gotten the endorsement of the San Jose Mercury News and East Bay Times earlier this week. 

Help me keep up the momentum by making a donation before my crucial fundraising deadline tomorrow, April 21st.

I am less than $4,500 away from my fundraising goal, and I need your help today to reach it. You can help me get there by giving $50, $100, $250, or $500.

The success of my campaign rests on our ability to communicate with voters throughout the state and fund a robust grassroots effort. Your support at any level will give us the resources we need to win the primary on June 5th.

Please donate before my deadline tomorrow!

In friendship,

Dave Jones

California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General

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23 Apr

Will you give me a chance to explain?

I wanted to drop you a quick note before it gets too late in the day. This has been a hectic week. Right now we’re in the middle of trying to convince the Republicans to support legislation to protect Robert Mueller.

Please know I am doing everything I can to pressure the Republicans to bring this up for a vote before it’s too late. Preventing a constitutional crisis is one of my top priorities right now.

Which brings me to why I’m emailing today: With so much happening in Washington right now, I haven’t had a lot of time to fundraise — and now we’re behind on our goals for the month.

This is one of the worst parts of the job, but if we don’t catch up soon, it’ll endanger all the work we’re doing, especially our work to help Democrats take Congress back this November.

The good news is that your response to emails like this is always really incredible. You sustain our campaigns. Because of you, I spend more time doing my job than fundraising, and that makes a huge difference. I know most of my colleagues in the Senate aren’t so lucky. So I’m asking:

Can I count on you to chip in $3 to my campaign to ensure we catch up on our fundraising goals? Your support, of any amount, will make a huge difference in closing the gap this month.

Thanks as always for your continued support.



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