Sign your name: Our plan to head off an economic crisis

Sign your name: Our plan to head off an economic crisis

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Warren for President

I’ve spent most of my career studying what’s happening to working families in America. And when I saw the seeds of the 2008 crisis growing, I rang the alarm as loud as I could.

Back then, people with the power to stop the crisis didn’t listen. And when the crisis hit in 2008, working families lost it all while the big banks that broke the economy got a fat taxpayer bailout.

When I look at the economy today, I see a lot to worry about again. The good news is that we have the chance to head off another crisis if we take bold action now to address the underlying problems in the economy.

That’s why I’ve got a new plan to tackle these threats before it’s too late — by reducing household debt, limiting dangerous corporate behavior, strengthening manufacturing, and limiting potential risks to the economy. Read on to learn more, and add your name if you’re ready to fight for this plan.