Announcing the California Young Democrats Ambassadors

Announcing the California Young Democrats Ambassadors

I’m thrilled to announce the California Young Democrats (CYD) Ambassadors.

Through this program we have placed two to three CYD members on each Standing Committee as non-voting members. This program builds on the 25 percent of our Standing Committee members that are under the age of 35.

Our CYD Ambassadors will be able to learn from our current committees and gain experience working within our party’s Standing Committee structure. This experience will help them become more valuable contributors to our party and, I hope, leaders of the next generation of Democrats.

The CYD Ambassadorship Program will help us develop the next generation of party leadership. I am proud to announce our first Class of CYD Ambassadors and their assignments.

I look forward to one day hearing that members of the first class of CYD Ambassadors are officers of our party and co-chairs of our Standing Committees.

Thank you,

Rusty Hicks
Chair, California Democratic Party


Announcing the Start of the Ad Hoc Committee on ADEM Elections

Announcing the Start of the Ad Hoc Committee on ADEM Elections

Dear Delegate,

The Assembly Delegate Election Meeting’s (ADEM) election process can be one of the California Democratic Party’s greatest assets in organizing the state and getting more activists involved in the Party.

Traditionally, the ADEM elections have been a less than robust process. In fact, statewide turnout in ADEM elections typically included no more than 12,000 voters. Starting in 2017, turnout increased exponentially with approximately 33,000 people voting, then again in 2019 with 41,000 people voting.

However, as more people became engaged in the ADEM process, several issues arose, including how elections are operated, how locations are selected, and the need for consistent staff and volunteer training — these issues cannot be ignored.

As a result, I have created an Ad Hoc Committee on ADEM Elections to address these concerns and ensure this process is a true organizing opportunity for our Party. During the Executive Board meeting, I announced the Co-Chairs of the Committee, Ricardo Cisneros, Coby King, Lara Laramendi, and Emily Ward. I am happy to announce the rest of the committee today:


Announcing the Start of the Ad Hoc Committee on ADEM Elections

AD1 Results and E-Board Roundup

I’m proud to report that the Blue Wave is still rolling. This time it’s in Assembly District 1, where Democrat Elizabeth Betancourt came in first with 39% in the special election primary in the longtime Republican district in Shasta County. I know many of you have spent months organizing to support Elizabeth, a farmer and environmental advocate. At this past weekend’s Executive Board — much more on that below — we sent 2,000 text messages in support of her campaign. We’ve got her back through the runoff in November and will certainly keep you posted on ways to support her campaign.

Speaking of our Executive Board meeting, thank you to each and every one of you who showed up to volunteer your time to building the Party you want to see and strengthen our efforts to prepare to take back the White House in 2020. And a special thank you to CDP’s staff who worked around the clock all summer to organize the weekend — quite a feat to pull off. Read on for highlights and important links below to recap the incredible work you all took part in this weekend.

A More Inclusive, Progressive, Safer, and Stronger Party

  • The Rules Committee adopted and Executive Board passed many of the recommendations provided by the Task Force I convened earlier this year in an effort to build a party free of misconduct and harassment. This weekend, we reformed our Party’s Misconduct and Harassment Reporting process to create clear protocols, established a Conduct Commission to ensure accountability and finalized our Code of Conduct, and held a workshop on preventing sexual harassment and enforcing our new policies. Read the full report from the Rules Committee, click here.
  • The E-Board adopted the Delegate Selection Affirmative Action Plan for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, laying out specific steps and memorializing our commitment to ensure the Democratic Party — at all levels — works to include, rather than exclude people from participation. This allows us to welcome into our state party Democrats who have faced barriers to voting, because of documentation status or involvement with the justice system. We are furthering a long legacy of expanding the franchise as widely as possible in the belief that the full benefit of political participation should be open to all. Read the full plan here.
  • The urgency of the climate crisis was front and center, with CDP voting overwhelmingly to stand with progressives across the country in calling on the DNC to reconsider their position on hosting a true climate change debate for presidential candidates. We simply no longer have time to talk around this issue: We need to understand clearly where the candidates fall on these issues so fundamental to our survival. Read the resolution, along with the full list of Resolutions adopted by the Executive Board, here.
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