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Wells Fargo – Bank Fraud!

Dear Supporters,

I once watched a stand up comedian deliver the following as a joke.

“In the old days, ‘Bank Robbery,’ meant the bad guys showed up with masks covering their faces and guns demanding money from a bank teller.  Now ‘Bank Robbery’ means the bank steals money from your personal account.”

The audience roared with laughter – but there is some truth in the statement.

Last week the US Senate held hearings to investigate the huge bank fraud committed by Well Fargo Bank. The bank created nearly 2 million fake accounts unknown to those named on the account, and charged many of them fees.

It was the diligence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that contributed to the Bank being caught.

Republicans have made it clear that they plan to repeal the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  If they succeed, who will you turn to if a bank cheats you out of your hard earned dollars?

Tom McClintock voted against creating this consumer agency!  He will no doubt join his fellow Trump republicans who have vowed to repeal it.

Now, with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in place, if you are cheated, all you need to do is to log onto the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website, file your complaint, and chances are your problem will be solved:

I support consumer protection, and will fight to keep and strengthen the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

We are 44 days from Election Day, 2016.  I ask for your Vote on November 8.

Please donate today and help us get my message out.

Thank you.


Campaign Schedule

Congressional Debate:

Dr. Bob Derlet  vs. Tom  McClintock

October 4 – 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Yes.  This is an early morning event so plan to enjoy breakfast after this event!

Location-  Auburn City Hall Chambers

1225 Lincoln Way, Auburn CA


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The deaths of Terence Crutcher in Oklahoma and Keith Scott in North Carolina were devastating and familiar.

Trust between law enforcement and too many communities of color is broken. There is no easy fix. It’s up to all of us to come together and tackle what is broken in our criminal justice system. Only then can we heal and address criminal justice reform.

We have to focus on implicit bias in law enforcement with better training and expand the use of body-worn cameras. That’s just a place to start, but sadly not enough politicians are even talking about that.

Which brings me to Donald Trump, who responded to these tragic and unnecessary shootings by suggesting our country needs a national “stop-and-frisk” policy.

Trump is wrong. Studies show “stop-and-frisk” policies are both discriminatory and ineffective. It overburdens our law enforcement while violating equal justice under the law. We cannot allow “stop-and-frisk” to go nationwide.

Add your name to our petition today in opposition to Donald Trump’s proposal to bring “stop-and-frisk” — an unconstitutional policy that will make it far more difficult for communities of color to trust our law enforcement — nationwide.

There is no easy solution to officer-involved shootings or violence in our communities. Politicians like Trump are simply attempting to sell us a bill of goods.

Here’s what we need to do instead:

  • Increase transparency by collecting standard policing data for every community in America to ensure accountability. In fact, just this week, my office unveiled a new digital tool to collect police use of force data from over 800 police departments in California, which I’m hoping will be a model for the nation.
  • Build trust by providing law enforcement officers with the tools they need, such as trainings on implicit bias, crisis response, and procedural justice, as well as ensure our law enforcement agencies look like the communities they serve.
  • Get smart on crime by eliminating the harsh lifetime consequences for non-violent offenders that fuel mass incarceration and focusing on preventing crime and reducing recidivism — not just reacting to crime after the fact.

Sign my petition if you agree we should reject Trump’s shallow “stop-and-frisk” proposal in favor of criminal justice reforms that data has shown will actually work.

We have a responsibility to fight for fair and impartial police practices across America, and continue to reform our broader criminal justice system regardless of who the next president is.

Real change isn’t going to come from short-minded politicians trying to score cheap points in an election. It will only happen when all of us come together to demand criminal justice reforms that are fair and increase truth, transparency, and trust in our broken system.

This is what our campaign has been about since day one, and I’m eager to get to work. Now is the time for action.

Thanks for everything you do.

– Kamala



Councilmember Soria Along With Elected Latino Leaders Held A Press Conference

To Proclaim September as

“Latino Voter Registration Month”

Dear Friends,

As we continue to celebrate our history and culture during Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th – October 15th), we want to take the time to highlight the nationwide effort to engage Latinos in the political process.

Yesterday afternoon, I stood proudly next to Fresno elected officials proclaiming September as “Latino Voter Registration Month.”  Our goal is to energize and prepare Latino families for political and civic engagement and create awareness of where people can register to vote.

Latinos represent the second largest, fastest growing, and youngest group of Americans in our Nation. This year it is estimated that about 28.5 million Latinos will be eligible to vote.

In California, Latinos are predicted to comprise more than half of the population of California and millennials are predicted to be the most influential in future elections. It was projected that this year there would be an additional 6 million Latinos becoming eligible to vote. With our efforts we can increase the percentage of registered voters in the City of Fresno and impact local elections.

Our democracy is stronger when more people are fully participating citizens with a vote and a voice.

With less than 46 days to the November 8th election it is crucial that we support and promote the efforts of organizations in our City who work together to register our Latino population of electoral voters.










Don’t forget to register to vote by October 24th and vote on November 8th!!!




Debate Watch Parties

Join fellow Democrats to watch the First Presidential Debate on Monday, September 26, at 6 p.m. at the Democratic Party HQ (1035 U St., across from Office Depot in downtown Fresno). Immediately preceding the watch party (starting at 5 p.m.), enjoy a musical performance by Bobby Jo Neely. We will also have a potluck dinner for the debate viewing, so please bring an item to share. Call 559-495-0606 or e-mail for more information.

Potluck debate watch parties are also scheduled for each of the following debates: the Vice Presidential Debate on Tuesday, Oct. 4; the Second Presidential Debate on Sunday, Oct. 9; and the Third Presidential Debate on Wednesday, Oct. 19.





September 22, 2016

Competence for a Better Future

FRESNO—Hillary Clinton is the only major candidate who is qualified to undertake the job of President of the United States. She has spent her life learning how our government works and how to help average people across the country. She has a detailed plan for how to improve our economy by helping every American work together to build a future better than any past we have had before.

“Rarely, if ever, in our history has a candidate for President been more qualified and better prepared for the position than Hillary Clinton,” said Michael D. Evans, chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party. “Secretary of State, U.S. Senator, First Lady—she knows what the job entails and has a firm grasp of the type of leadership necessary to govern effectively.”

The Democratic plan focuses on making the biggest investment in good­ paying jobs since World War II with jobs in infrastructure and manufacturing, technology and innovation, small business and clean energy. The old strategy of giving tax cuts to corporations and hoping they choose to pay higher wages to the rest of America will not work. We learned the lesson of the 2008 collapse. We saw what happens when corporations are given complete control over the fate of the American worker.

The real values of wages have been stagnant in America since 1970. The American worker needs an ally in the White House who understands that the problem isn’t some foreign conspiracy but rather unregulated corporate bosses here at home. We need someone who will protect our opportunities.

In America, everyone should be able to participate in our economy and lead full lives—including Americans who are living with disabilities. Clinton will also make it easier for women and working parents to make their fullest contributions by providing paid family leave, affordable child care, universal pre­-K and equal pay for women.

Clinton sees the world as it is. She acknowledges the terrible danger of climate change and has included a shift to reliance on green energy in her economic plan, as well as plans to help those communities that might be adversely affected by such a shift in the economy. Clinton’s administration will invest in communities that have been neglected for generations, for example, inner cities and rural communities, places where jobs are far too scarce and opportunities far too few.

“For the United States to continue as the world’s leading economic engine,” says Evans, “we must have leadership that is visionary while at the same time pragmatic and competent.”

The Fresno County Democratic Party is united behind Hillary Clinton for President. The official Coordinated Campaign headquarters is at 1035 U Street in downtown Fresno. To volunteer or for more information, contact 559-495-0606 or