The momentum is building

Fiona Ma

It’s been an eventful few days for my campaign for State Treasurer, and the momentum is definitely building! Last weekend, the California Democratic Party voted overwhelmingly to officially endorse me for State Treasurer. I was honored to receive one of the highest vote margins among statewide candidates with 92% of Democratic Party delegates supporting my campaign!

Fiona and John Chiang

I also earned the support of our current State Treasurer, John Chiang. His support means a lot to me, and I’m looking forward to building upon the extraordinary work he has done as State Treasurer.

Will you join the California Democratic Party, John Chiang, and others, in supporting me for State Treasurer?


Ma Squad

Finally, I hope you’ll join me this week or next in celebrating my birthday. The National Women’s Political Caucus LA Metro, NWPC LA Westside and NWPC Greater Pasadena Area will be hosting a birthday reception for me on Thursday, March 1st at Izakaya Fu-Ga located at 111 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Willie Brown, Jr. and Joe O’Donoghue will be joining me for a birthday celebration on Wednesday, March 7th at the Hotel Via, 138 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

I’ll also be having a birthday karaoke bash on Thursday, March 8th at the Mint, 1942 Market Street, San Francisco, CA from 5:30 p.m to 10 p.m.

I’ve attached flyers for these events with more details. Hope to see you there!

In solidarity,

Fiona Ma


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Join me this Thursday!!

Dear Friend,

Join me at my official Campaign Kick-off Reception! It will be a fun evening with Celebrity Chef Ryan Scott.

Your financial support will help me run a robust campaign and continue working hard to make sure Fresno is a great place for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday.

If you are unable to join us, but can support our efforts send a check to:

Soria For City Council 2018

1341 N. Lucerne Ln

Fresno, CA 93728

or make a contribution online at:

Checks payable to: Soria for City Council 2018, FPPC#1402344

Thank you for your support.


Esmeralda Soria

Council President

(559) 920-0579

Thank You!

Dear Fellow Democrats,

I know that our team has sent a number of emails to you over the past few months, and I wanted to say thank you for engaging with us in a dialogue on the key issues that will continue to make California a beacon of hope for the nation and the world.

Election Day is June 5th – just 99 days away – and I hope to earn your support. If you have any ideas or policy issues that are important to you, please email me any time at My door is always open.

As you might have heard, I have campaigned in all 58 counties, meeting with activists and community leaders like YOU. I truly believe that our elected leaders need to listen to people in every corner of the state. I want to be your champion. Please sign up and keep in touch with our campaign.



Thank you Democrats!

Fellow Democrats,

We did it. Thanks to all of you who volunteered your time, chanted, held signs, talked to your friends about our campaign, and voted.  We won the most votes this weekend at the California Democratic Convention.

Saturday night was a testament to the idea that every vote counts, and showed a model for what we will do in our campaign. We created a grassroots, people-powered movement and didn’t take a single vote for granted.  While we didn’t reach the 60% threshold necessary for endorsement, we achieved a slim, but decisive margin of victory in a race with nearly 3,000 votes cast. Every vote really counted, and every bit of help you provided made the difference.

I’m proud to have the support of so many grassroots Democratic activists, working families, and community organizations. They represent the heart and soul of our Democratic Party and the values we all share.  Whether I earned your support or not yesterday, I am proud to stand with all of you as fellow Democrats. Together we are a Democratic Party that fights for communities like the one I grew up in, and make it possible for someone like me to go to college, become an eye doctor, and serve as a State Senator.

As your Lieutenant Governor, I’ll fight for those values – providing support for our working families, making college more affordable, ensuring access to healthcare for everyone, and expanding the number of good-paying jobs that people deserve.

Again, thank you to everyone who came out to support us this past weekend. This is a momentous victory for our campaign, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

With gratitude,
Dr. Ed Hernandez

Jones crushes Becerra by 14 points

The results are in and we won!  At the California Democratic Party convention this past weekend, 56% of the delegates voted to endorse my candidacy for Attorney General.

My opponent the appointed attorney general received only 42% — a major blow to his campaign.  Our big victory at the party convention clearly demonstrates that my message is resonating with voters – our next attorney general needs to be a fighter, not a follower.

We are going to win the race, but I need your continued support to do it!  Please take minute to contribute $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford today.

If you want an Attorney General who will fight the Trump administration’s cruel and regressive policies, dismantle the schools-to-prison pipeline, and implement progressive criminal justice reform, now is the time to show your support.  Please contribute today!

On to victory,

Dave Jones

Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General

PS: Our campaign has been endorsed by Democratic Clubs up and down the state, the California Federation of Teachers, and California NOW.  Please keep our momentum going by pitching in $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford today!



For Immediate Release

February 27, 2018
Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Maclen Zilber, (510) 508-9142
Jacobson & Zilber Strategies


Senator Hernandez Adds Anaheim Police Association to Roster of Support in Campaign for California Lieutenant Governor

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA — Today, State Senator Ed Hernandez scored an endorsement from the Anaheim Police Association in the race for California Lieutenant Governor. The endorsement follows news from earlier this week that the Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs Association also joined Hernandez’s statewide effort along with the fact that the Senator outperformed his competition at the California Democratic Party convention, winning the most votes among state delegates.

In making public their endorsement, Anaheim Police Association President Edgar Hampton, released the following statement:

“Senator Ed Hernandez has demonstrated a real concern for the safety of the public and the members of our organization. His support of law enforcement and his commitment to ensuring that local police departments have the resources necessary to protect and serve has earned Senator Hernandez the respect and admiration of law enforcement throughout our great state. We look forward to a strong working relationship with Ed Hernandez for years to come as our next Lieutenant Governor.”

With 1,157 votes cast in his favor at the California Democratic Party convention, Senator Hernandez received more delegate votes than any candidate running for Governor of California, where the top vote getter earned 1,087 votes, as well as more votes than California’s incumbent U.S. Senator, who received 1,023. Senator Hernandez triumphed at convention despite not surpassing the high 60% vote threshold required to win the endorsement.

Recently, State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez rolled out a new digital video ad, titled “Proven Progressive,” in his campaign for California Lieutenant Governor. The ad highlights some of the Senator’s high-powered endorsements, including from the California Nurses Association and the California Teachers Association, along with his 100% legislative voting scorecard from organizations like the California Labor Federation* and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California Advocates*.

To view Senator Hernandez’ video ad, “Proven Progressive,” click here.

Significantly, recently California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez’ groundbreaking drug transparency bill, SB-17, into law.  Senator Hernandez’ latest digital video ad, titled, “Life or Death,” features a moving testimonial from Kendall Renee, who is allergic to more than 95% of foods and carries at least four EpiPens with her at all times. Renee highlights Senator Hernandez’ efforts to combat skyrocketing drug costs in the ad.

View Hernandez’ “Life or Death” spot.

To view Senator Hernandez’ “Record of Progress,” digital video ad, click here.

View Senator Hernandez first digital video, titled  “A California Story,“.

A husband, father, grandfather, practicing optometrist, and local businessman, “Dr. Ed” (as he is known to his patients) has spent his life bringing quality eye care to predominantly low-income communities.  As a health care provider, the need to improve access to health care for all Californians is what first drove him to run for office.

Since being elected to the Assembly in 2006 and the Senate in 2010, Dr. Ed Hernandez has been a leader on the implementation of federal health care reform – helping expand access to affordable health care, control costs, and improve the network of providers so people can actually get quality care when they need it. Dr. Ed has been a champion by expanding educational opportunity to qualified students overlooked by our public schools and universities, as well as a major proponent for government reform, including fixing a broken initiative system too often hijacked by billionaires and wealthy corporations. Dr. Ed Hernandez is running to take this experience, leadership, and vision to the next level by serving the people of California as their Lieutenant Governor.

For more information, please visit