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I am so humbled and honored by last night’s victory. Together, we made history, and I could not be more proud to be the first woman ever elected Lt. Governor in California!

Thank you.

This campaign was driven by one powerful principle – listening to voters across California and pledging to bring your stories, and your priorities, to Sacramento.

As California’s Lt. Governor, I will fight hard every single day to build an economy that works better for everyone. I will fight to protect our environment for future generations, and to make public higher education affordable, so that more families can walk the same pathway of the American Dream as I have.

Together, truly, we did it. Now, let’s get to work building a better, stronger California.

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Thank you

Thanks to all your efforts, we won!

I can’t express how thankful I am to you and to my amazing team. Thanks to your support, we’ve earned another term as Secretary of State. We will work to further improve both election security and access while we continue to break records for California voter registration and participation. And I’ll continue my efforts to help elect more Democratic Secretaries of States so we can take our pro-voting rights agenda across the country.

But the fight is not over. We cannot let our success at the ballot box yesterday be the last time we’re politically engaged until the presidential election in 2020.

We must continue to organize and stand up to Trump. We will continue to defend the rights of immigrants, women, and LGBTQ Americans. We will continue to work to save our environment and improve access to quality affordable health care and education.

Let’s pledge to remain involved to advance our agenda and hold our representatives accountable.

Thank you again for all you do,

Alex Padilla
California Secretary of State





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Thank you

Election night results are in: I’m humbled and honored to continue as your California Attorney General for the next four years!


Last night’s victory would not have happened without your support. Thank you!


I intend to continue to fight for and defend our 40 million fellow Californians, our values and our resources. We are the economic engine of America, creating more jobs and graduating more talented students from college than any other state in the nation. That’s worth fighting for — and winning.


We’ve come a long way from the days when my parents, hardworking immigrants, couldn’t walk into a restaurant because of signs that read, “No dogs or Mexicans allowed.” And we’re not about to turn back.


Together, we can and will ensure that the next young person who grows up the child of hardworking immigrants has a chance to get ahead, to contribute to our communities, to keep California a state that represents progress.


We have our work cut out for us over the next four years and I’ll need your continued support in the fights ahead. Thank you for making last night’s victory possible!





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Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

Becerra for Attorney General 2018
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Thank you for supporting Xavier Becerra. Grassroots supporters like you help us protect California’s working families, advance criminal justice reform, and keep our communities safe.

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From all of us at Team Becerra, thanks for your support!

Thank you for your tireless support

Democratic Association of Secretaries of State
I want to thank you for your tireless support this year to elect Democratic Secretaries of State.

Democratic Secretary of State candidates won in Colorado and Michigan, came up short in Iowa and Ohio. Meanwhile, Arizona and Nevada remain too close to call. And not to be overlooked, all of our incumbent Secretaries of State who were up for reelection won another term!

To add to the momentum for democracy, voters from Florida to Michigan to Nevada took a stand against voter suppression, gerrymandering, and obstacles to the ballot box by voting for independent redistricting committees, “Motor Voter” automatic registration, and other proposals that are a victory for voting rights.

These victories would not be possible without your support.

But our fight is not over. The race in Georgia is headed to a runoff on December 4, and Brian Kemp, the GOP’s poster boy for voter suppression, will do everything he can to keep Democrats from the polls again.

John Barrow’s race for Secretary of State was close on Tuesday, and with your continued support we can win this runoff in under 30 days.

Thanks for being a part of our team as we continue to fight for victory!

Alex Padilla

California Secretary of State
Chair, Democratic Association of Secretaries of State


DASS is a national organization supporting the election of Democratic Secretaries of State, who are committed to protecting and preserving voting rights and ballot access for all Americans through fair, honest, open, and accurate elections.

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Caballero Statement 12th SD Vote Count


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                 CONTACT:  Bob Sanders

        November 7, 2018                                                                                                (209) 658-5534                            





November 7, 2018

SALINAS – Assemblymember Anna Caballero released the following statement today regarding the status of the vote count in the 12th Senate District:

“I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who knocked on thousands of doors across the 12th Senate District to deliver our message. As a result of their effort, and the enthusiastic response of thousands of voters through the District, we finished election night with a slight lead. 

“But Tuesday night’s results also made it clear there are still a significant number of votes to count in the 12th Senate District.

“Our campaign is prepared to monitor the vote counting in each of the six election offices in the counties which make up the senate district including, Fresno, Madera, Merced, Monterey, San Benito and Stanislaus counties.

“We look forward to the final result and are cautiously optimistic, based on Tuesday’s results, that the vote count will conclude in our favor.”




Too close to call


With millions of ballots left to come in, we are digging in and waiting for every vote to be counted. The kids of California are in it for the long haul and we are too. I’m so proud of the broad coalition we built, and I thank the thousands of educators, students, and public education advocates who communicated directly with voters until the polls closed yesterday.

I ran for Superintendent of Public Instruction because I want to deliver to all Californians the promise that public education delivered to me – that all students, no matter their background and no matter their obstacles, can succeed with a great public education.

We talked to voters across the state, and told them what this election means for each of us: It means giving every kid the opportunity to succeed in the 21st century, not just the ones that show the most potential. It means funding our public schools at the levels they deserve, not pouring money into our jails and prisons. It means providing mental health treatment for kids, not arming them with guns. It means supporting our teachers, not demonizing them. And it means stopping Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos’s anti-education agenda from coming anywhere near California’s public schools.

Thank you to everyone who voted and to everyone who worked so hard to get us this far. We will continue to keep you updated as nearly 4 million votes are counted. Please consider keeping this fight alive with another contribution, it costs money to keep campaigns running post election day. Thanks for sticking with us in the long run.

–Team Tony


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