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Student debt calculator

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Warren for President

Do you have student loan debt?

Elizabeth has a plan to cancel up to $50,000 of student loan debt for 42 million Americans — find out if you’re one of them. 

Try our new calculator to see how much of your student loan debt would be cancelled under Elizabeth’s plan.

Then, share the calculator with someone else so they can see how much of their student loan debt would be cancelled.

Elizabeth’s plan would make a real difference. And it’s fully paid for (and then some) by her Ultra-Millionaire Tax on the wealthiest 0.1% of Americans.

We can get this done — as long as we keep fighting side by side to grow our grassroots movement.

The change we’re fighting for isn’t abstract. It’s about real changes in our daily lives.

Find out what Elizabeth’s student loan debt cancellation plan would mean for you:


Team Warren

An act of hope

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Hi there,
I get asked from time to time why I don’t seem angrier. I understand the question, because there’s a lot to be angry about right now. There’s a lot to be upset about. There’s a lot to be despondent about when we consider the recent trajectory of this country.
Patterns are showing themselves, in our society and politics, that have the dark echoes in the history of our country and in the history of civilization. But speaking of echoes: it was Dr. King, defending justice in a difficult time, who reminded us the darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.
Being involved in politics, in any way, is an act of hope. Running for office is an act of hope. Volunteering to help someone running for office is an act of hope. And it must be said: even sending money to somebody running for office is an act of hope. 
We are building a community that thinks all of this is worth it, not because we are naive, but because we know that our actions can make a difference—all the difference. And because we understand the cost of doing nothing.
I’d be grateful if you could close out this week with a $5 donation to help us organize and build our support base, in the spirit of hope that animates this campaign:
Thank you, 

Share your thoughts by taking our short May survey

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


I can’t overstate how grateful I am for supporters like you, stepping up when it matters most and fighting by my side. 
I know we’ve faced a lot of tough battles together — from fighting back against Republican attempts to gut our health care to Trump’s shameful government shutdown to inhumane immigration policies.
But we’ve had a lot of wins, too. We launched our campaign a little over 100 days ago. Since then we’ve announced bold plans to finally take on our country’s gun violence epidemic, raise teacher pay, lift up middle-class families, and much more. And we were able to do this because of you, Fresno democratic.
You’re a crucial member of this team and your voice is important. I want to make sure we’re running a campaign you can be proud of. That’s why I’m personally asking: 
I want to make sure I’m fighting for you to the best of my ability. I’ll be sitting down with my team to go over our plans for the coming months and your answers to this survey will help us set our agenda.
Thanks for all you do, 
— Kamala Harris

Pursued by grace

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Amy for America
empowered by Salsa

My own story is like a lot of families’ stories. My dad struggled with alcoholism when I was growing up. 

I love my dad. I saw him climb the highest mountains but also sink to the lowest valleys because of his battle. After three DWIs, he finally got real treatment and was, in his own words, ‘pursued by grace.’ 

We know that substance use and mental health disorders do not discriminate. Nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend who’s struggled with drug use. And 1 in 5 Americans experiences a mental health condition. 

The one thing I hear over and over again across the country is people’s stories of mental health care and addiction — people need help, but they just can’t get it. In fact, in 2017 an estimated 21 million people needed substance use treatment, but fewer than 20 percent were able to access it. 

We’ve got to do better. 

I believe everyone should have the same opportunity my dad had to be pursued by grace and get the treatment and help they need. That’s why today I released my plan to combat addiction and prioritize mental health care in this country. 

This issue hits close to home for me, and I imagine it does for many of you as well. If you’d like to read my plan you can do that here. And if you think your friends and family might be interested in learning more, you can share it on Twitter and Facebook.


BIG announcement [about my future]

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Andrew Janz is running for mayor of Fresno against Devin Nunes’ handpicked Republican. To chip into Andrew’s campaign for mayor, click here. I

Andrew Janz for Mayor

This wasn’t an easy decision.

When I ran against Devin Nunes for Congress last year, I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. But because of people like you standing with me, we gave Nunes a run for his money and sent the message that if you put party before our country and partisanship before justice, people will step up to hold you accountable.

I don’t need to remind you that we fell short in that race.

Part of the problem was that Nunes built a fiefdom of Republican cronies throughout the Valley — and piercing that GOP infrastructure is a herculean task.

But now it’s time to build our own bench of Democratic candidates in the red parts of the state.

I’m proud to announce that I’m running for mayor of Fresno to defeat Devin Nunes’ handpicked crony — and bring real leadership back to Fresno and the Valley. Can you rush a donation to our campaign to help get us off the ground and turn Fresno from red to blue? →

Andrew Janz announces that he is running for Mayor of Fresno!


Help Us, Yang Gang. You’re Our Only Hope.

The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Friend —
When I first announced the campaign and the New York Times said I was making a longer-than-long-shot bid for the White House, you know what I said?  Never tell me the odds.  Now, it’s the campaign that made the debate stage in less than 1 month.  Thank you all for getting us to this point.
But don’t get cocky, Yang Gang.  This campaign is not yet fully operational.  We need the resources to continue our momentum.  Please share the video message below, and donate $20 if you can.  Help us, Yang Gang. You’re our only hope.

A video thumbnail of Andrew Yang as a hologram, similar to a  certain movie set in a galaxy far, far away...