Mayor Lee Brand endorses Tate Hill for Council District 3

*** No candidate for FCC District 3 has been endorsed by the FCDCC ***

Friends and Urban Strategic Enterprises:


I’m excited to share that I have secured the endorsement of Fresno Mayor Lee Brand.

Mayor Lee Brand on why this race matters:

“I need a council member who understands how important our economic vitality is to our future. Tate’s background in business development and community involvement will help support my plans and programs to move our city forward.”

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*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

On November 9th, 2016, many of us woke up feeling like strangers in a foreign land; abandoned by Donald Trump’s dark vision for the future of America – one that included some, and excluded many.

By a margin in the millions, Californians overwhelmingly rejected politics fueled by resentment, bigotry, and misogyny and embraced a resistance fueled by diversity and inclusivity.

Last night San Diego joined the majority of Californians in supporting SB54, which protects immigrant families and keeps our communities safe.

Yesterday, Trump brought a gaggle of Republican, anti-immigrant politicians from California to the White House, to plot against the policies that keep all of our residents safe.

The entire meeting was disappointing, but when President Trump called immigrants “animals,” it became offensive.

We can’t stand for it, and we don’t have to. Chip in $10 to my campaign and I’ll make sure Trump hears of our California values every remaining day of his ill-conceived presidency.

Our hardworking immigrant families aren’t “animals”, Mr. President.

The families you’re tearing apart are people, just like you. No matter how hard you try, you can’t strip away their humanity.

Mr. President, you’re lying through your teeth because you’re terrified Republicans will lose control of Congress. I have news for you: California — the largest state in the union and the strongest driver of our nation’s economy — will make sure they do.

We will not allow this one electoral aberration to reverse decades of California’s progress. Not at the height of our historic diversity, economic output, and sense of global responsibility.

I’m running for U.S. Senate to build an economy that works for everyone, expand Medicare for all, and give all students a chance to achieve their dreams so future generations can thrive. This vision for the future of California isn’t just mine, it’s ours.

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In solidarity,

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Recap: Dave Jones proves he is most qualified for Attorney General

*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones continued to gain momentum in the Attorney General race during Tuesday two debates.

Jones, Becerra, Early and Bailey participate in two debates on Tuesday

Insurance Commissioner and Attorney General candidate Dave Jones, along with appointed Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and Republican candidates Eric Early and Steven Bailey, participated in two separate debates on Tuesday in Southern California, with each getting an opportunity to speak about their priorities if elected.

And if one thing became clear after Tuesday’s debates, it’s that Jones — the only candidate who has led a statewide law enforcement and consumer protection agency for over seven years — is the best qualified to lead the Attorney General’s office.

Tuesday’s first debate was hosted by the BizFed Institute in Los Angeles County and the second was hosted by the University of California Riverside School of Public Policy in Riverside.

Jones set the tone for the day from the outset, and never let up, continuing to point to Becerra’s shortcomings as current Attorney General. He opened each debate with a quote from the San Jose Mercury News editorial endorsing his candidacy:

“We had higher hopes for Becerra when he was appointed. But, beyond his legal challenges to Trump, he’s often been a huge disappointment. In contrast, Jones understands the multiple demands of the office and will provide much-needed political independence. State residents deserve nothing less.”

– San Jose Mercury News Editorial, April 19, 2018

“I would bring the same lawsuits against the Trump administration, but there is more to the office of Attorney General than suing President Trump,” Jones added.

Jones noted Becerra’s failure to seize guns from 10,000 individuals barred law from possessing firearms due to their criminal records or due to mental illness. And Becerra’s delay in implementing a database needed to prevent opioid prescription overdoses. And Becerra’s failure to join in the litigation against ExxonMobile for lying about climate change. Jones also challenged Becerra over his acceptance of campaign contributions from oil, insurance, and tobacco companies.

Jones pointed to a number of examples where Becerra has failed to do the job of Attorney General. He described the differences between the two candidates as “quite profound,” including his opposition to the Death Penalty and Becerra’s support for the Death Penalty. Jones also pointed out Becerra’s failure to uphold the laws that require zoning for homeless shelters and affordable housing as an example of Becerra falling short on his responsibilities.

“Guess what? The attorney general is not enforcing that law,” Jones said.

Jones said that his top priority if elected Attorney General would be criminal justice reform, which includes creating re-entry and rehabilitation programs for those exiting the criminal justice system, as well as providing them with education and job training.

“We have to set these people up for success in order to keep them from re-victimizing and reoffending,” Jones said.

The June 5 election is only 20 days away. The top-two finishers will advance to the run-off. Jones will advance to the run-off for the Attorney General office in November. Once again, Republican Steve Bailey failed to tell voters at either debate that he has been charged with 11 counts of judicial misconduct from his days on the bench.

Jones has challenged the three other candidates to participate in six debates across California. Tuesday’s debates are the only two that the other candidates have agreed to so far.


Read more about or watch Tuesday’s debates!


Check out the LA Times story HERE.

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Watch the BizFed Institute debate HERE.

Watch the UC Riverside debate HERE.

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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Our last filing deadline before election day is coming up on Saturday, and we’ve set a goal of 100 new contributions by midnight on Saturday. Can you chip in to help us meet our goal?

Our campaign continues to earn support across the state, including new endorsements from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the Santa Cruz Sentinal, the West L.A. Democratic Club, and the California Small Business Association.

Thanks to your ongoing support we are communicating with voters about these important endorsements, and my decades long record of public service that includes fighting for consumers, combatting fraud, defending civil rights, and refusing to accept contributions from tobacco, oil, and insurance companies.

We are on our way to victory, but need your additional support to get there. Please click here to contribute today so Californians can have a fighter, not a follower, in their corner!


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Dave Jones

California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General

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Dave Jones for Attorney General

“A Fighter, Not a Follower.”


*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

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Each dollar sends a message, and each dollar is spent on supplies for communicating with voters, and travel expenses so that I can hear from and share ideas with as many California voters as possible.

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Fight back against false attacks on Tony Thurmond

*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***


We will not stand by while Tony’s record of fighting for kids is undeservedly attacked by billionaires who are using their wealth to advance their own agenda to privatize public schools.

In an open letter to the billionaires, four elected officials who know Tony and who represent public school families in West Contra Costa County set the record straight and demanded the removal of the radio ad making these false attacks against Tony. They said it best:

“Shame on you billionaires who are spending your wealth attacking a man who we should all be proud of.  Instead of being for positive change you have chosen to use your wealth to denigrate a man who has overcome adversity to fight for California’s children.”

Read the full letter from Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt, San Pablo Mayor Genoveva Garcia Calloway, and West Contra Costa School Board Member Madeline Kronenberg.

You can fight back too.  Tony’s campaign is funded by the people, not the billionaires.  Will you contribute to Tony’s people-powered campaign today?

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Your contribution helps us keep Tony’s positive, truthful campaign commercials up on TV for more time and deliver more campaign literature to volunteers across California before the June 5 election.

Thank you for supporting Tony and spreading the word.  We won’t let the billionaires mislead California’s voters – Tony Thurmond is the best candidate for all of California’s kids.

Thank you,

Team Tony