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Biden Victory Fund
Calendar of Events

Thursday, October 22

Friday, October 23
Florida and Georgia Virtual Reception
with Sen. Kamala Harris, Alonzo Mourning,
& Hon. Sally Yates

Contact: Georgette Brammer & Stefanie Sass
at SEFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Virtual Reception and Campaign Update
with Sen. Kamala Harris
& Greg Schultz, BFP Senior Advisor

Contact: Elijah Nishiura at enishiura@joebiden.com

Biden Action Fund Event:
Virtual Countdown to Election Day Discussion
with Valerie Biden Owens
& Sen. Tammy Duckworth

Contact: Joelle Sherman at TSFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Virtual Campaign Update and Conversation
with Jen O’Malley Dillon, BFP Campaign Manager
& Rep. Jackie Speier

Contact: Diana Saxon at dsaxon@joebiden.com

Saturday, October 24
AAPI Celebration with Sen. Kamala Harris
Contact: Sreyashe Dhar at sdhar@joebiden.com

Tennessee Virtual Reception
with Sen. Kamala Harris,
Justin Timberlake, & Ashley Judd

Contact: Haley Link Krogman at SEFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Wet Hot American Summer:
Original Cast Live Read!

Contact: John Tuttle at DEPAFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Sunday, October 25
Dear Sugars Podcast
Virtual Reunion Show
with Cheryl Strayed & Steve Almond

Contact: John Pratt at ypfc@joebiden.com

Virtual Reception
with Greg Schultz, BFP Senior Advisor

Contact: Blanca Andrei at TSFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Monday, October 26
Virtual Conversation on Evidence,
Data, and Innovation in Government
with Cass Sunstein, Sonal Shah,
Jim Shelton, Amanda Renteria,
& Ben Harris, Fmr. White House Chief Economic Advisor

Contact: Isabella Rios at RiosI@dnc.org

Tuesday, October 27
Virtual Conversation on Advancing Innovation
and Prosperity in the American Tech Sector
with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. David Cicilline,
Ben Harris, Fmr. White House Chief Economic Advisor,
Tim Wu, Shoshana Zuboff, Safiya Noble,
Tish James, & Roger McNamee

Contact: Diana Saxon at dsaxon@joebiden.com

Wednesday, October 28
Virtual Reception with Muslim Americans
with Tony Blinken, BFP Senior Foreign Policy Advisor,
Rep. Al Green, & Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Contact: Atissa Ladjevardian at aladjevardian@joebiden.com

Virtual Conversation
with Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Valerie Jarrett, & Gloria Steinem
Moderated by Amy Schumer

Contact: Annie Rowland at TSFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Thursday, October 29
Virtual Discussion on Insights
into November 3 and Beyond
with Sen. Brian Schatz

Contact: Alia Schechter at AbroadFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Virtual Conversation on American
Leadership in Asia-Pacific
with Hillary Rodham Clinton & Kurt M. Campbell

Contact: Mary Tabaie at AbroadFinanceRSVP@joebiden.com

Friday, October 30
Virtual Conversation with VP Joe Biden
Contact: Jessica Aune at jaune@joebiden.com
& Guicela Sandoval-Lopez at Sandoval-LopezG@dnc.org

Conversation about Social Justice and Voting Rights
In Support of GOTV Efforts
with Hon. Eric H. Holder, Jr., Hon. Sally Yates, & Rep. Dwight Evans,
with a musical performance by Low Cut Connie

Contact: John Tuttle at jtuttle@joebiden.com

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