Meet the Chair

Ruben Zuarte is currently chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party (FCDP) and member of the California Democratic Party Executive Board as well as delegate to the Democratic State Central Committee.

As chair of the FCDP, Ruben serves as spokesperson for the county Democratic Party to the media. He has made numerous presentations to Democratic clubs and progressive groups on a variety of topics related to greater involvement within the political process in general and the Democratic Party in particular.

Welcome to the Fresno County Democratic Party.

We are the official governing body of the Democratic Party in Fresno County, working in cooperation with the California Democratic Party. We represent the 195,000-plus registered Democrats in the 15 cities and unincorporated areas of Fresno County.

We work aggressively to register voters, educate voters and get out the vote. We encourage the fullest possible participation of Democratic voters and disseminate the Democratic message, platform and principles.

One of our primary responsibilities is the chartering of Democratic clubs in the county. We encourage the activities of our Democratic clubs, which cover a broad range of grassroots actions.

We also encourage, evaluate, develop and endorse Democratic candidates for elective office. The endorsements of the Fresno County Democratic Party in county and local races become the official endorsements of the California Democratic Party.

Thanks to your participation and support, we can pursue these activities and ensure that Democratic values are reflected in our community’s leadership.

Ruben Zarate
Chair, Fresno County Democratic Party