30 Jul

How much can we accomplish in 100 days?

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CA-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

We’re officially 100 days from Election Day — and Team TJ is ready to kick it into high gear.

You probably know this, but it’s within the final 100 days of an election that the majority of swing voters decide who they’re going to be voting for. From here on out, every conversation we have, door we knock, and fundraising goal we meet, will make all the difference if we’re going to flip this district.

We’re gearing up to launch our first TV ad to introduce TJ to Central Valley voters, and we’re hoping to raise $21,000 by Tuesday at midnight to make sure we can keep it on the air. Can you chip in a donation to help us hit this crucial goal?

TJ and the team had a blast at the Philippine Weekend parade in Delano!

We’re so proud of the campaign that TJ is running in the Central Valley.

From the start, this race has been about the needs of this community. We need a voice in Congress who will be a check on Trump, and fight for an economy that works for the middle class, health care access for all, and stronger schools for our kids. But none of that is possible without your support.

Help us get TJ’s message far and wide so we can FLIP this seat! Chip in $3 before our fundraising deadline so we can send TJ to Congress >>

Thank you for your support,

TJ Cox for Congress


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30 Jul

Here’s the latest from my race in CA-21

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CA-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

TJ Cox is an engineer, community development leader, and Democrat running to unseat David Valadao in California’s 21st congressional district. He is rejecting all corporate PAC contributions and is depending on grassroots support to flip this seat. You can support TJ Cox here >>

I wanted to make sure you received some key updates from my race that you may have missed.

The New York Times recently called our race to unseat Valadao one of the “top ten to watch.”
Last month, Republicans sent Ivanka Trump to our district to headline a fundraiser for Valadao.
Despite financial support from Mike Pence, Kevin McCarthy, and now Ivanka Trump, our campaign outraised David Valadao last quarter, and we did so with low-dollar, grassroots support.

After being out-raised, we expect a fundraising surge from David Valadao and his special interest backers. And next week, we’re launching our first TV ad and we need $21,000 before Tuesday to make sure we can keep it on the air.

I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t important. Can you pitch in to help us meet this fundraising target?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Donate $10 Now

Donate $25 Now

Donate $50 Now

Donate $100 Now

Or, donate another amount

Thank you for your support,

TJ Cox 


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30 Jul

Devin Nunes must be expelled

CDP logo

Devin Nunes is a disgrace and an embarrassment to California — and conservative think tank scholars agree. One even recently called for Devin Nunes to be expelled from Congress for his shameful, potentially criminal behavior.

Norman Ornstein tweet

Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute resident scholar

The facts are clear. Devin Nunes is guilty of:

  • Sabotaging the Russia investigation
  • Lying extensively in his memo on the FISA application
  • Disappearing the night before falsely claiming Obama spied on Trump
  • Leaking Senator Warner’s texts to Fox News
  • Creating his own website with actual fake news
  • Using political donations for fueling his private jet
  • Betraying Central Valley farmers time and again for special interests

And so much more.

We need to make our voices heard and tell Congress that Devin Nunes’ flagrant corruption and wrongdoing makes him unfit to serve in the House of Representatives.


Democratically Yours,

John Vigna, Communications Director
California Democratic Party


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30 Jul

Weekly Update

Weekly Update – 7.27.18

It’s been another productive week for Your CDP Team. See below for a recap of this week’s activities. 

Wildfires – Ways You Can Help

Last night, seemingly out of nowhere, the Carr Fire in Shasta County dramatically expanded in size and destruction, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes in the middle of the night.

Two people have been killed – a firefighter with the Redding Fire Department, and a private tractor operator working with fire crews. Three firefighters from Marin County were also injured earlier this morning. New evacuations were ordered late this afternoon. On the other side of the state, nearly 5,000 homes and businesses are threatened by the Cranston Fire, and thousands of residents of Idyllwild in Riverside County remain under evacuation.

Donations can be made to the following organizations that are providing relief on the ground for evacuees and fire victims:

Wildfire season is getting longer, more destructive, and deadlier every year. This is climate change happening in realtime. Firefighters are losing their lives. Families are losing their homes.

And we have lost our patience with the willfully ignorant leaders who refuse to see that climate change is directly responsible for the literal firestorms that have now devastated multiple California communities.

We are facing an existential threat and California must double, and then redouble, our efforts to deal with climate change. And that’s why Democrats must fight hard in November and beyond.

Stop the Attack on Bridge & Road Safety – No on Prop 6

On Wednesday, Chair Bauman invited the No on Prop 6 Campaign to conduct an all-staff training for Your CDP Team. We went over messaging guidelines and the latest numbers from the campaign – and let’s be absolutely clear, this is going to be one of the toughest fights in November. The Republicans have made repealing the Road Repair Fund  the centerpiece of their campaign and are pouring money and resources into this race like their lives depend on it.

That means Democrats have to be focused and working in unison, from Siskiyou to San Diego, to make sure voters are focused on what happens if Republicans succeed in repealing the Road Repair Fund:

  • Road repair projects will grind to a halt
  • Traffic snarls will get worse and commute times will get longer
  • Construction crews will lay off workers by the thousands
  • More accidents, injuries and fatalities from unsafe roads

We can’t let the anti-tax lunatics at Howard Jarvis dictate the terms of this debate.

This needs to be about improving our safety and our quality of life as Californians. If you’ve ever hit a pothole, or been stuck in endless traffic, or had to take a two hour bus commute to get to work, Prop 6 is benefiting you.

It’s our job to make sure people see those positive ways their lives are already improving. Check out for useful information, including a list of more than 6,500 projects already being funded through the Road Repair Fund in every community in California.

Sign Our Petition – Devin Nunes Must Be Expelled

This week, a scholar at a conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, called for Congress to expel Devin Nunes for (basically) being the most corrupt, incompetent lying member of Congress to disgrace the institution since the McCarthy/Nixon days. We couldn’t agree more, and we’re circulating a petition. Add your name today – the more names we get, the more attention (and media coverage) we can bring to the fact that even conservatives think Devin Nunes has acted so shamefully he should be kicked out of Congress. 

Sign the Petition – Devin Nunes Must

“…Ladies and Gentleman, the next Senator from the great state of Illinois, Barack Obama!”

Exactly 14 years ago, on a muggy Boston evening, Senator Dick Durbin introduced America to a young State Senator who had won the Democratic nomination for the US Senate from Illinois.

A few lucky members of Your CDP Team happened to be in the Fleet Center that night, and we still. get. chills. when we think back to what it was like being in the crowd for that very first speech. It was an electric moment for all the Delegates, and for everyone watching at home. It was the moment we fell in love with still-our-President Obama. 

Grab a box of tissues – you’re gonna need ’em – and remember what it was like to have a President who was a genuinely decent human being that only wanted the best for us – and who only wanted for us to be the best people and country we could be.

101 Days Until the Election!


–CDP Weekly Update

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27 Jul

Calling all California Dems!

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

At this point, we all know how CRUCIAL California’s House races are going to be in November. Without major wins across this state, Democrats will have little to NO chance of flipping the U.S. House.

That’s why this week, Democratic candidates across California are UNITING for our biggest grassroots fundraising push of the year.

This is all hands on deck, Michael: Can you split a donation between TJ Cox and six other Democratic candidates working to flip key California districts from Red to Blue?

$10 >> $35 >> $50 >>
$100 >> $250 >> other >>

TJ Cox isn’t the only one who believes in affordable healthcare, common sense gun legislation, and protecting the rights of women. Democrats throughout California — from Turlock down to Encinitas — are fighting for these same values.

And if we’re going to succeed in creating change in Washington, we need to work as a team to get there. This our chance!

Pitch in now to join the fight to flip CA House districts from Red to Blue this November.

Thank you,

Team TJ


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26 Jul

Signatures still needed from 93705 to stop Trump’s tariffs

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

“Trump announces $12 million dollar bailout of American farmers – why the trade war he started to help them, now requires taxpayers to save them”
– The New York Times Podcast, The Daily

SIGN ON: Tell Trump to end his tariffs and stop the trade war >>

This is incredibly frustrating, Michael.

Trump just announced plans to spend $12 billion to bail out farmers — including those in the Central Valley — from the devastation his trade war has created. That’s right — he’s sending in relief for a problem he caused but refuses to fix.

Trump and his team may be touting this bailout as an act of heroism, but this policy is nothing more than a band-aid on a deep wound that Trump should have never created in the first place.

Our farmers deserve better. Sign this petition now to tell Trump to call off his trade war >>

Central Valley farmers don’t need bailouts, they need overseas markets to the sell their products in. There are no winners in a trade war, and until Trump ends these disastrous tariffs — our farmers will continue to suffer.

We need to make our voices heard >>




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26 Jul

You’re invited to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of National Night Out at Inspiration Park!

Contact our office with any questions at (559) 621-7816 or at

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